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The Scoop on Local Ice Cream Shops

The Scoop on Local Ice Cream Shops

My absolute favorite dessert of all time is ice cream! Cookies are fine and cake  is pretty good too but by far ice cream is my favorite dessert!! I will eat any flavor, and I am always into trying new flavors. Some of the ones that I like to stick to are blueberry, black cherry, raspberry, black raspberry, pumpkin, and mint chocolate chip.  The only flavor of ice cream that I will not eat is chocolate.  Other than that, I will eat any kind of ice cream at any time of the year. Here’s my top five places to enjoy ice cream locally – read on to get an idea of what kind of ice cream is offered in the area.

1) Whats ‘Ur Scoop in Panorama Plaza in Penfield, an eight minute drive from Naz – Serving Gifford’s brand ice cream, all the way from Maine! It is to die for.  The portions are very generous for the sizes – a small cone has about two and a half scoops! They serve my all time favorite ice cream, blueberry, which has small, fresh, Maine blueberries mixed into the ice cream. This ice cream stand has local performers from the Rochester area come in at different times during the summer to perform shows for the people enjoying the ice cream!


2) Pittsford Dairy an 8 minute walk from Naz – This dairy makes their own custard right in the back of the store!  The milk is processed right at the shop and then made into a thick creamy frozen custard or ice cream. I recommend any of their flavors, but would highly suggest trying either the mint chocolate chip or the blueberry cheesecake flavors.  They also have many seasonal flavors that are very good. Check out their Facebook to see everything they have to offer!image


3) Abbott’s with many locations around Rochester, four of which are within a ten minute drive of campus – Abbott’s is a Rochester-born company that has been serving up frozen custard since 1926.  The standard flavors are chocolate and vanilla, as well as a chocolate and vanilla twist and chocolate almond with whole almonds in it! They also offer many novelties item like wheels, milkshakes, banana splits, turtles, and select specialty flavors depending on the day.  When I go to Abbott’s, I often get their peanut butter cup sundae, which is delicious.  I would also recommend the pumpkin custard! Visit their website here!

4) Yotality about an 8 minute walk from Naz – If you are looking for a sweet treat but don’t want it to have all the fat and calories that ice cream does, then this is the place for you. Yotality is a frozen yogurt bar that offers a variety of different flavors of yogurt throughout the year. They also have a huge topping bar that has everything from fresh fruit and nuts to the standard sprinkles and crushed candy bars. I like to get the mixed berry yogurt and add blackberries, strawberries, walnuts, and blueberries. Yotality is a bit more expensive than most of the other ice cream places mentioned above because they charge by weight. It is .52 cents per ounce. Check out their site here!

5) Cafe Artisan Gelato & Espresso about an 8 minute walk from Naz –  Right along the canal in Pittsford, a great choice if you want to sit outside and eat your ice cream or go for a walk afterwards. Recommendations for this place are the crème brûlée, or tiramisu – both are excellent.


These are just some of the many options here in Rochester; I have left out many but if I kept going, it would be a very very long list! Ice cream is my weakness and I recommend you try at least one of the places I mentioned out.  So grab a friend and head on out to get some ice cream!  It is a great way to take a break from school, and explore the surrounding neighborhood!


My name is Karisa; I am a 5th year DPT student who is involved in Physical Therapy Club, a Nazareth College Swimming and Diving Alumni, and member of the admissions team here at Nazareth. I love being outdoors, am an avid fitness advocate (I will do anything that keeps me moving), and I keep a rather extensive garden at my house in Rochester. I love to experiment with new recipes/food. Scrap-booking/card making is my hobby. My favorite..... color is blue, season is fall, and sports icon is still Mia Hamm! On campus you can catch me somewhere between the WRI and the Library! I am excited to share my passion about the PT program, fitness, and cooking with all of you!!