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Midnight Munchies

Somehow college students everywhere have figured out how to function on minimal amounts of sleep but, of course, with late night studying comes late night snacking. My friends and I have almost perfected the art of late night snack runs. Here’s a list of the best places to get late night food in Rochester:

5)      The Cheesecake Factory – Right in Pittsford Plaza, the Cheesecake Factory is a two minute drive, or ten minute walk, away. They’re open late every night, eleven during the week and midnight or later on the weekends, and nothing sounds better at 10:30 on a Tuesday with hours of homework still ahead than a giant slice of delicious cheesecake. Even better, the pieces are so huge that I’ve never finished a whole one in an one sitting in my entire life…easy breakfast the next morning? I think yes.



4)      Cici’s Pizza – Sometimes just a slice of cheesecake won’t cut it. There are nights when you could eat an entire cow and still be hungry…don’t worry we’ve all been there and that’s what Cici’s Pizza was invented for. Nothing says midnight munchies like an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet with every topping imaginable – don’t judge the mac and cheese pizza till you try it. Don’t worry, they’re open until 1am everyday so you have plenty of time to gorge yourself before you go back to work.


3)      Mighty Taco – As a Buffalonian, this one had to make the list. A beef, bean, and cheese burrito will always be my go to snack at one in the morning. They’re always open until two and, as if things couldn’t get any better, have a drive thru. No one looks their best at two in the morning so why not just stay in the car anyway?


2)      Garbage Plates – A Rochester classic! You haven’t lived in Rochester until you’ve tried a garbage plate. Think about all the food you crave in the early hours of the morning – hash browns, macaroni salad, chicken fingers, baked beans, cheeseburgers – throw it all on one plate, mix it all up, and cover it all in meat sauce. It might not sound so good right now but around 3am that turns into heaven. Every town, village, and four corners in Rochester has their own “hots” restaurant but for the original head to Nick Tahou’s downtown, Fairport Hots is a close second, and a short walk from campus is our very own Hungry’s Hots.


1)      Late Night at Naz – The magic of convenience and delicious food in one awesome package. The Golden Flyer Grill and Deli right on campus is open until eleven including weekends and offers all that late night food you crave so much: wraps, grilled cheese, and, my personal favorite, sweet potato fries.

Happy late night studying, and, more importantly, happy late night eating!


Hi all! My name is Meg Grant and I'm a 6th year physical therapy student with a passion for pediatrics here at Nazareth. I also have psychology and honors minors. In what little spare time I do have, I do my best to stay active in the music program here where I play oboe. Originally from Buffalo, I'm a huge baseball fan and avid cross-country skiier. I love to spend as much time as I can outside and am always working my way through multiple books. I hope to someday move out west and spend lots of time hiking in our national parks but for now I'm enjoying all that Rochester has to offer.