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Buffalovin’: A Case for Why the Winter Olympics Should be in My Hometown

Buffalovin’: A Case for Why the Winter Olympics Should be in My Hometown

Since I realized the existence of other cities, about the age of ten, I have been dying to see them. I spent my middle and high school days dreaming of life in a big city, spring breaks to far-off beaches, and the opportunity to study overseas. And travel I have! But if there’s one thing my time in London, San Francisco, Boston, Munich, Atlanta, Disney World, Venice, Prague, and New York City has taught me, its that the city of Buffalo will always be my one true love.

On a different note, a few days ago I started living my life with the TV on so as to be able to watch as much of the Winter Olympics as possible which got me thinking, why not combine my two favorite things: Buffalo and the Winter Olympics? The real question of course is why not? Here are the five best reasons as to why Buffalo should host the next winter olympics.

1) It is winter in Buffalo for approximately six months out of the year. Not only is it so cold that “cold bans” are a common occurrence but every few weeks (days?) we get dumped on with lake effect snow. Actually, we are consistently listed in the top ten U.S. cities for annual snowfall.


2. We’re already obsessed with winter sports. I grew up spending nearly every weekend in the winter skiing. Buffalo is full of places to downhill ski, cross-country ski, ice skate, snowshoe, and, of course, play hockey. When its winter for six months of the year, being outside in the cold and snow doesn’t really phase you anymore; it actually becomes preferable to the summer months.


3. Let’s not forget our proximity to one of the seven natural wonders of the world: Niagara Falls. Even though hiking the Niagara Falls area was a mainstay of my childhood, they never fail to take my breath away. Tourists from the world over travel to Buffalo to experience the breath-taking majesty of these falls. And, in my opinion, they’re even more stunning in the winter.


4. On a serious note, Buffalo really epitomizes what American stands for. A child of the industrial era, Buffalo was built by working class men and women. Also, we didn’t earn the nickname of “The City of Good Neighbors” for nothing; more than any other people or city I have encountered, the city of Buffalo is full of people willing to lend a helping hand, to friend or stranger alike, wherever it may be needed.


5. Most importantly, we have the best food of the world: buffalo wings, sponge candy, Loganberry, Mighty Taco, beef on weck. Really, that’s all I need to say.



Hi all! My name is Meg Grant and I'm a 6th year physical therapy student with a passion for pediatrics here at Nazareth. I also have psychology and honors minors. In what little spare time I do have, I do my best to stay active in the music program here where I play oboe. Originally from Buffalo, I'm a huge baseball fan and avid cross-country skiier. I love to spend as much time as I can outside and am always working my way through multiple books. I hope to someday move out west and spend lots of time hiking in our national parks but for now I'm enjoying all that Rochester has to offer.