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Get Excited! Move-In Day Is Almost Here!

Get Excited! Move-In Day Is Almost Here!

Hey, incoming freshman! This post is mainly for you, although it applies to us upperclassmen as well- we’re just as excited to come back to school as you are!

I know that when I was in your shoes, I was a big ‘ole bundle of emotions on move-in day: anxious, thrilled, a little nervous, and shy, but also friendly. What if everyone made friends before I did? What if my roommate was the complete opposite of me? What if I got too homesick?

Well, guess what? Everything turned out just fine, so I want to share some tips for you all that I think will ease your nerves!

1) Leave your door open even after you’re done loading everything inside. While you’re decorating, your RA, hall mates, and other friendly faces will come greet you with helpful advice.

2) Get a good night’s sleep beforehand and fuel up. You might be lifting a lot of heavy things, and the day doesn’t stop after moving in – picnics and hanging out with potential new friends will take some energy!

3) Go to all of your orientation events. Seriously, even if you’re nervous, even if you’re not a fan of “ice breaker” games, go! Some of my best friends now were from my orientation group!

I hope that helps, everyone! And to commuter students, these apply to you, too – surround yourself with positive people and your college experience will be no different than it is for students on campus!


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