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Answers to All of Your Major Problems

Answers to All of Your Major Problems

Here at Nazareth, we’re fortunate to have a wide variety of unique majors and minors. Music therapy, American studies, and biochemistry are just a few, among the traditional liberal arts routes like history, math, and psychology. I hesitate when I say “traditional,” though, because nothing about our uncommon core or experiential learning programs is basic or general. You will get top notch training in your field, along with little subfields that you may not have known you were interested in when you came to college. For instance, I had no idea that Nazareth would foster my loves for philosophy, media studies, or history of the earth. That could happen to you, too! Here are some tips on what to do if you’re doubting your studies or career path:

1) Go see someone in Career Services, Academic Advisement, the Internship Department, or the Center for Student Success. A lot of current Nazareth students intern there, and the staff are super supportive, so you won’t be met with anything you can’t understand.

2) Take some electives to figure out what you want your cluster(s) to be in. Are you a history major, but have always loved dance? Take Ballet Barre Workout or Afro-Carribean dance- you won’t regret it, and you could end up adding a minor in something that you wouldn’t think would pair with your original major.

3) Create a Linkedin account. It’s surprisingly fun! Upload your resume, talk about your various interests, join groups that stimulate your brain, and make connections with potential future employers. Here at Nazareth, we focus on global preparation; with all of the unique classes you’ll take here, you’ll be ready for whatever internships or jobs come your way!

4) Consider the GEM (aka Guided Exploration of Majors) program. You’ll have access to services that will lead you to what you were meant to do. Personal guidance, self-reflection, and alumni connections are all offered, so being “undeclared” isn’t a bad thing at all!

It’s ok to be undeclared! Check out these words of advice from Kelsey Sweet and see where her life took her after she graduated.


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