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How Tweeting Became Homework: Social Media in the Classroom and Beyond

How Tweeting Became Homework: Social Media in the Classroom and Beyond

Adding a Communications and Media minor while at Nazareth has proven to be one of the most exciting decisions of my undergraduate career. Different courses have taught me the importance of media as well as the strategy that goes into quality communication. Writing for Digital Media is a course I am currently taking that stresses the importance of media and effective writing in the digital world. Not only do I blog and tweet for the class, skills we learn in class go well beyond the classroom.
As a way to practice our skills our class was invited to live tweet the season announcement concert for the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra! The event was a great way to become immersed in the topics we have spoken of in class. Social media has become instrumental in today’s  working world and this experience was just one example.

The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO) was gracious enough to offer reserved seats for my classmates known as “tweet seats.” Our task was to live tweet the event, as well as ask questions to the symphony in real time!

The purpose of live-tweeting the event was to tie in social media in an effort to increase the RPO’s presence on a much larger scale. Normally, a phone would not be socially accepted in such a formal event but we were invited to tweet. It was fun to interact with the RPO in such a way, the conductor even replied to one of  my tweets.

live tweeting the RPO inaugural concert

I thought this event was a fabulous idea, as a new demographic was drawn into an organization that is well respected and beloved in the community. It also felt exciting to feel personally connected to the players and conductor. One of the first “tweeted “questions selected to be answered by the conductor was asked by a peer of mine. Other peers, including myself, also received some personalized attention from the RPO.




Hi my name is Nicole! I am a Senior Political Science and Legal Studies Major with a Communications Minor from Syracuse, NY. In addition to participating in clubs and holding various leadership positions on campus, I enjoy reading, live music, and travel. As I chronicle my senior year, I hope to share as much as I can about the wonderful happenings at Nazareth College. From academics- to activities in Rochester I have a lot to say! Here's to a great year. Feel free to contact me about any questions you have about NAZ!