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Experience Naz Series: Friendship, Food, and Finding Your Way – Memories from Experience Naz

Experience Naz Series: Friendship, Food, and Finding Your Way – Memories from Experience Naz

Experience Naz days are coming up, prospective students! I highly recommend attending at least one of these events, and not just because myself and other ambassadors you know and love will be there. These days give you a chance to see what it is like to be a Nazareth student: you’ll attend classes, meet professors and fellow accepted students, learn via workshops, and eat in the dining hall. Here are some of my favorite memories from when I attended Experience Naz back in 2011!

1) Scoping out the dining hall – I remember eating with two girls I had just met, one who ended up coming here as a psychology major! They brought out top-notch items: veggie pizza, the giant salad bar, brunch foods, you name it, and we devoured it! I learned that the three of us all had parents who worked in higher education- I didn’t know then that I would be pursuing graduate school for it myself! We had a lot of fun talking about our plans for our college experience, and I actually had a class with the one girl last semester!

2) Attending Philosophy and English classes – Okay, so almost no one learns about logic and inquiry in high school, right? At first when I sat in on that philosophy class, I was confused to the max! But then, the professor clued us prospectives in on the theories he was teaching his students. But the best part? He was talking WITH, rather than AT us as a group. That experience has transcended into almost all of my Nazareth classes. They’re discussion based, with the rare (but informative) lecture, and I’ve really enjoyed that structure. The English class I attended actually made me excited to write papers because those were (and are) all about you letting your personal voice shine through analysis.

3) Going to a faculty session – Even though I’m not a theatre major, I knew I’d want to get involved with the arts, so I went to a theatre session just to see what it was like. Honestly, I don’t think I’d be co-leading our improv comedy group here had I not attended that session. I met a couple of potential theatre majors (both of whom ended up coming here, and one of whom I’m good friends with) and we connected because we’d been in each other’s favorite musicals!

4) Splitting away from the parents for a little while – Let’s be honest, even if your house is only 20 minutes away from campus like mine is, you still get homesick! So having my mom go to some information sessions without me was a little preview. It made the transition into freshman year a bit easier, even though it was just one day. When you’re in class, you’re so distracted from thinking about home because of all of the interesting topics you’ll cover. Of course, I still talk to my mom on a daily basis and see her fairly often, but we have a better relationship because I have established some independence, in part because of Experience Naz!

Are you an accepted student? Come see what all the hype is about! Register now for Experience Naz days on March 30th and April 6th to spend a day in the life of a Nazareth College student.

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