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11 Signs You Go To Nazareth College

11 Signs You Go To Nazareth College

Beyond the city of Rochester, tucked away in the suburb of Pittsford, New York is a place I have called home for four eventful years. Nazareth College is so much more then pretty buildings and landscape (although endlessly appreciated).  Here are eleven positive signs that you know you go to Nazareth College.

1) You are not afraid of squirrels– The Nazareth College squirrel population is pretty impressive. Even more impressive is their total lack of concern for human beings. Take extra care of the one that lives in the trash can outside of the library he (she?) is fearless.

2) You are an expert at greeting people- Being on a smaller campus gives plenty of opportunity to meet a lot of new people. On the way to class, in the library, lunch at the cabaret, you’re sure to see a familiar and friendly face.

3) You live most of your days underground – Rochester gets cold…like real cold. Tunnels are essential in avoiding numbness during the many months of winter.

4) Getting things for free is normal to you/slightly expected-Nazareth sponsors so many events; I actually challenge incoming students to make it through their first years without acquiring over five Nazareth T-shirts. I didn’t even mention the free food, water bottles, sunglasses…the list goes on and on.

5) CARNIVAL COOKIES – A Nazareth college favorite! The day is always a little brighter when the dining hall is serving this treat. A sign you go to Nazareth: you know the joy that is a fresh and warm carnival cookie

6) You have pulled an all-nighter in the fish bowl- The fish bowl, the closest place you can do your work at the library, without actually being in the library. Open 24 hours, who hasn’t found themselves working on last minute work, cursing your past self for putting off that paper assigned weeks ago.

7) Millie’s is your home base– Life gets busy and time for food is fleeting and the best way to recoup and survive those busy days is to stop by Millie’s Café for coffee and comida.

8) You know Indy is so much more than a musical genre– Indy is also an endearing iguana that roams the halls of Peckham and welcomes/scares Nazareth visitors.

9) You are heavily involved– It’s so easy to be involved in what you like, with so many clubs on campus you will be able to participate in all and everything that you want.

10) Your professor knows you, your dog’s name, your parents…– Ok not really, but kind of with Nazareth’s smaller size you have the luxury of being able to reach out to professors if need be and be comfortable approaching them with your questions and concerns.

11) You have a soft spot for purple and gold– Face it, you own enough free t-shirts to wear purple and gold indefinitely.

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The list can go and on and on for now, the list stands at the 11 sure tale signs you go to Nazareth College


Hi my name is Nicole! I am a Senior Political Science and Legal Studies Major with a Communications Minor from Syracuse, NY. In addition to participating in clubs and holding various leadership positions on campus, I enjoy reading, live music, and travel. As I chronicle my senior year, I hope to share as much as I can about the wonderful happenings at Nazareth College. From academics- to activities in Rochester I have a lot to say! Here's to a great year. Feel free to contact me about any questions you have about NAZ!