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Rochester Coffeehouse Review: The Village Bakery

Rochester Coffeehouse Review: The Village Bakery

As the time before finals and the insane amount of hours spent studying come closer, I thought I would share with you all where  one of my favorite study break spots are!


The Village Bakery is located on State Street, which is within walking distance from Nazareth! They are open from 6am- 7pm during the week, so perfect for an in between class study break or to break up the endless hours spent in the library prepping for finals! They have AMAZING coffee as well as breakfast and lunch foods, and fresh baked bread and desserts! (It’s basically heaven.) One of the best things about their food and drink is that it is all made from local ingredients, from Ithaca and Fingerlakes Coffee Roasters to farm fresh food from the area!

They are also located right along the Erie Canal, with great outdoor seating so that you can enjoy how nice spring is in Rochester once it actually comes!

I have a bunch of favorites here, but I’ll just give you a few 🙂

My favorite breakfast food is their open-faced egg Mikayla egg sandwich, which has poached egg & bacon, cheddar, avocado, pico de gallo, all on a fresh baked roll (Yummm) as well as their awesome Pumpkin Spice Latte in the fall; its 1000x better than Starbucks’ and they are located right next door! And you can never go wrong with a classic vanilla latte 🙂


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