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7 Truths of Finals Week Every Nazareth College Student Knows Too Well

7 Truths of Finals Week Every Nazareth College Student Knows Too Well

1) Waking up is the worst: You really wouldn’t think waking up for an 8:00 am exam would be that much harder than waking up for an 8:30 am class…but you would be so wrong. Especially when you were up late studying the night before.

2) Real pants don’t happen: Let’s be real, who wears anything besides sweats or yoga pants during finals week? You’re up late in the library studying, you wake up for two hours to sit through a test, and then sleep until your next one…and you want me to put on jeans? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

3) Millie’s is bæ: Millie’s: our on-campus Starbucks, provider of coffee and good vibes, and savior to the stressed college student. Honestly, whoever had the idea to put the coffee shop in the library was a saint and deserves an award.

4) 2:00 am Wegman’s runs: No matter how many times you tell yourself you’re not gonna spend money on food outside of the dining hall, you will go to Wegman’s during the witching hour of finals week. I mean…it’s open 24 hours, how could you not?!

5) Anything is a bed if you use your imagination: Floors, tables, chairs, radiators…nothing is off limits. I have spent the night on the floor of the fishbowl and I have no regrets.

6) Packing takes longer than you think: You will tell yourself you’ll pepper packing your things up between study sessions…but you won’t. You will save it all for right after your last final and your RA will have to wait an extra half hour to check you out. You always have more stuff than you think you do, and there is simply no getting around it.

7) The sense of freedom is overwhelming: Words cannot describe the feeling of finally being done with all of your finals at the beginning of May and not having to worry about school again until August. It is a bittersweet feeling…the joy of being done, and the sadness of knowing you don’t get to come back to Nazareth for 4 long months!

The struggle is real during finals week; here’s some of our advice on how to make it through.


Hello all! My name is Conner Burry, and I'm a senior Music Therapy major with minors in Spanish and Psychology! I'm originally from a really tiny town called North Rose, NY where I'm pretty sure there are more apples than people. It's about an hour east of Rochester! I am completely obsessed with travel--I had the opportunity to study abroad twice during my time at Nazareth, once in Portland, Jamaica, and once in Valencia, Spain! I drink coffee like it's water, and I know three languages!