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Rochester Coffee House Review: Starry Nites Cafe

Rochester Coffee House Review: Starry Nites Cafe

A new school year means back to long hours spent attempting to be productive in coffee shops. My all time favorite place to hang out whether its to get in a few long hours of focused studying or to catch up with friends on a Tuesday night is Starry Nites Cafe in the NOTA (Neighborhood of the Arts district). A few of my favorite things about Starry Nites:

1) The have a fabulous window bar that looks right out onto University Ave. I’m a very visual person so when I need to be seriously focused, environment is everything. The window bar is the perfect view while allowing me to spread out and, if I ever need a mental break, people watching out the window never disappoints.


Who wouldn’t be inspired by this view?

2) They have an exceptional drink menu. If you are a coffee lover (and a little bit of a pretentious one) this is the coffee house for you. As well as having a creative and extensive menu including drinks like The Meigs, a cinnamon, caramel, and vanilla latte, the Atlantic, a chocolate and hazelnut latte, and a frozen chai, Starry Nites has a seasonal drinks menu. The drink I’ve currently been crushing on? The Mocha at Best: four shots of espresso and chocolate milk. Could there possibly be a holy-cow-I-procrastinated-so-much-and-have-sixteen-hours-of-work-to-do-in-five drink? But wait! There’s more! For those of you who are also of legal drinking age, Starry Nites has their liquor license meaning they offer delicious options for when the stress just gets to be a little too much like a prosecco, the Star Bomb, a shot of espresso dropped in an oatmeal shot, and The Edgerton Latte, a dark chocolate latte with amaretto.

3) They’re food options are the perfect combination of comfort and creativity. When you’re studying or grabbing a quick dinner with friends, the fare offered here is exactly what you’re looking for: an assortment of pita pizzas, soups, salads, wraps and paninis. My favorite part is a cup of their white chicken chili comes with every sandwich and it’s to die for.

4) Most nights of the week there’s live music. Like I said, Starry Nites is also the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a chill, weeknight hangout spot with your friends.

5) They have the greatest out door patio. For those of you unfamiliar with the city, Starry Nites sits directly in a spot where two streets converge into one, a Y essentially. The coffee shop itself sits pretty far back from the road leaving plenty of room for tables and chairs. Like I said before, ambiance is everything and this cafe has it.


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