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12 Reasons Why Being a Student Athlete at Nazareth is the Best Thing Ever

12 Reasons Why Being a Student Athlete at Nazareth is the Best Thing Ever

Some people think we’re crazy. Some people wonder how we fit it all in, when we sleep, or when we do homework, and while they may have some valid points – the life of a student athlete is crazy – it can also be the most rewarding experience of your college career.  Here are just some of the perks.

1) Food.  Meals on the road before games, team dinner at Moe’s, moms that bring brownies to games, tailgates after games, trips to the dining hall after practice….teams love to eat. And the best part is, you never have to eat alone. Ready for lunch? Hit up the group message; someone else is probably hungry too.    tailgate

2) We look especially great in Purple and Gold. While this is true for our fellow Flyer Fans as well, student athletes are rolling in Naz Gear. Sporting your new team apparel and matching your friends is a wonderful thing. rugbys3) Upperclassmen. They know stuff. It’s great to be a freshman on a team and have the upperclassmen to tell you what’s what around campus. What classes they loved, where the tunnels are in George, what combination makes the best flat-bread pizza at the Roost… they’ve got it all figured out and can be a wealth of knowledge.

4) Laundry Strap. Having someone wash your smelly practice clothes for you everyday is priceless. Mom is glad you’re not saving those practice socks for her to do when she visits.laundry loops5) Robbie. A staple at Nazareth Athletic events and a familiar face around campus, Robbie is always showing off his Golden Flyer pride and bringing a smile to everyone’s face.Robbie6) Water bottles. All the student athletes carry around their matching Powerade water bottles. They’re like our special tribe symbol keeping us all connected (and hydrated.)warer bottles7) Exercise. Everyone dreads “the freshman fifteen” and working out with your team on a regular basis is a great way to stay healthy and relieve stress. Also, as student athletes, you get the privilege of working out at the lovely stadium weight room.laurens8) Winning. There is no greater feeling than winning a tough Empire 8 conference game with your team. It’s a big deal around campus and Nazareth Athletics will be blowing up the social media team and you will be super proud.victory

9) Moving in early. If you’re a fall athlete, you get to experience a few days of campus to yourself. Your mom can pull up in the circle around Kearney and you can unpack at your own pace. If you’re a winter or spring sport athlete, you may get to enjoy some quality bonding time with your teammates when you come back early from Winter Break or go on a Spring Break trip!

10) Bus Trips. Some of these best bonding time happens on the bus. Watching movies, singing, braiding hair, and chatting with your teammates can be some of the best memories of your college career. Not to mention, some of the bus trips have wifi so you can do your homework, check twitter, and read the Naz Student Blog from the comfort of your bus ride.stevens trip

11) It looks great on a resume. Employers love a team player. Your experience as a student athlete shows that you know how to manage your time, work with others, and you have great spirit. Bonus.

12) You make friends for life. Your teammates become your family. You do everything together and the bond teammates have lasts for a lifetime. Your teammates are there to celebrate with you, support you in all that you do, and be there for you when you need a friend, and that is an experience that can’t be replaced.

Naz is an awesome place to be an athlete. Read more about what being a DIII athlete meant to Karissa and Jenn’s reflections on the skills she learned as a student athlete.