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8 Reasons Why I’m Thankful for Nazareth College

8 Reasons Why I’m Thankful for Nazareth College

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, I thought it would be appropriate to reflect on some of the things I’m grateful for at Naz. This college has done so much for me in my life. So, I feel like I need to do Nazareth justice and show my appreciation.

1) Short walks to anywhere on campus. If you’re walking from one place to another on campus, it can take less than 10 minutes to get to your destination. Woke up late for your 8am class? If you walk at a decent pace, you can walk from your dorm to class in 5 minutes. With a busy schedule like mine, I am beyond grateful to be at a small college.

Here’s Jeanie’s post about all the things there are to do within walking distance of campus.

2) Using the tunnels in the snow or rain. At Nazareth College, there are underground tunnels that connect to most of the buildings on campus. These tunnels become especially useful during the wintertime or on rainy days. Feel like wearing shorts and a t-shirt on a cold winter day? Problem solved.


3) Our location in Rochester, NY. Prior to coming to Nazareth freshman year, I never visited Rochester before. I had no idea what to expect from the surrounding area of the campus. However, I soon realized how beautiful and unique the city and surrounding areas of Rochester are. Our campus resides in the village of Pittsford, NY. We live in a quaint, scenic village with an abundance of shops and restaurants. Many Naz students enjoy spending a sunny day taking a walk or hanging out on the Erie canal less than a mile from campus. Also, our campus is only minutes away from downtown Rochester. Many students enjoy going downtown to dine, shop, go to museums, spend time in coffee shops, etc.

Interested in some of the things to do around town? Check out reviews of some of our local coffee shops and restaurants: Starry Nights Cafe, Village Bakery Cafe, and California Rollin’ II.

4) Having professors who are ALWAYS willing to help. The faculty at our college is a genuine, caring group of people. Every single professor at Naz wants his or her students to academically succeed. Students here have great relationships with their professors. This is mostly due to the fact that we all appreciate the faculty’s constant effort to help us succeed. Every professor at Nazareth has office hours during the week in which students can have an appointment or just stop in to talk with them. Professors: we thank you.

Stephen Tajc chemistry professor leads a student research team

5) The endless amount of opportunities to excel in your major. There are so many opportunities at Nazareth for students to excel in their major. We are constantly informed about different ways we can become more actively involved in our studies. Whether it is fieldwork opportunities, studying abroad, clubs, leadership opportunities, etc., there are always chances for students to further experience the work of their major.

6) Our college is constantly improving/adding on to our campus. In 2012, Peckham Hall became an addition to our lovely campus. This building features resource-efficient technologies that support majors in math and sciences. Just recently, in 2015, the Nazareth College York Wellness and Rehabilitation Institute opened its doors to our students. This building is dedicated to physical therapy, occupational therapy, creative arts therapy, speech and language pathology, and social work. These two new additions to our campus show how Nazareth is constantly further improving our resources on campus.


7) Being able to see so many friendly faces everyday. One of my favorite things about Naz is seeing familiar faces on my walks to class. When I’m walking around campus, I always see at least a couple of people I know. I could be having a bad day, but the many smiling faces I encounter get me through. Whether you know the students you walk pass or not, you are bound to see people who are genuinely happy to be here.

8) Introducing me to friends that I’ll have for life. Words cannot express how thankful I am for the people I have met at this college. I have friends at this school that I know will absolutely be a part of my life long after we graduate. I will be forever grateful for all of the people I have met here. They all have impacted my life and shaped me into the person I always wanted to be.