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#FoodFridays – Top Picks for Pizza in Rochester

#FoodFridays – Top Picks for Pizza in Rochester

One of my favorite things about living in Rochester is the food. Everyone knows us for our garbage plates, but it goes way beyond that! Some of the best food in our city is also the simplest–pizza! So here are my top picks for pizza in Rochester that goes beyond just take out!

Great Northern Pizza on Monroe Ave! This place has been one of my favorites since I was a little kid! They have awesome options for non-traditional pizza so whether you’re interested in good ol’ pepperoni or you’re feeling adventurous and want to try mac n’ cheese pizza, they’ve got you covered!

great northern

Root 31 A newly opened pizza place in Pittsford Plaza, just outside of campus! This restaurant isn’t exclusively pizza but their personal pizzas are out of this world! My parents took me here for dinner after a concert last week and the Garden Harvest Pizza blew my mind…I was in vegetarian heaven!

root 31

Pi Craft Located on Jefferson Road in Henrietta, this is a well-known spot to RIT students, but not a lot of Nazareth people get out there much! Luckily, a friend of mine from RIT showed it to me and I loved it! Personal pizzas made with whatever you want on it cooked in a brick oven…and my number one favorite thing about Pi Craft is they also have gluten-free options! That way I can still take my gluten-intolerant best friend, Natalie, on dinner dates there!

pi craft

Pizzeria Favo Located across from Pittsford Plaza…in fact I’m pretty sure I can almost see it from my dorm it’s so close! This place is similar to Pi Craft in that they serve personal pizzas cooked in a brick oven but I just had to put this on the list because of it being located so close to campus, and because of its delicious Margherita Pizza which I’m seriously considering getting for lunch tomorrow!

pizzeria favo

Dragonfly Tavern and Pizza Factory Right downtown on Park Ave, this is one of my favorites because of their outdoor patio – the perfect place to grab a late-night pizza and hangout on a summer night with friends. Featuring calzones and daily specials as well as delicious pizza, you can’t go wrong with Dragonfly.


Acme Bar and Pizza Not very far from the central business district, this pizza place is the epitome of a dive bar with the incredible food you would expect from such a place. If you think pizza and wings should never be served without the other, this is the spot for you. My personal recommendation is their acme wing sauce, a phenomenal hot and sweet sauce I’ve never found anywhere else. They also sell pizza by the slice so if you’re just looking for an awesome spot to grab a quick lunch in between classes, Acme is the place to go.


Rochestarians love their pizza and I am no exception, so I hope you all get a chance to check out these awesome locations we have so close to the Nazareth campus!


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