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Why I Love My College Town

Why I Love My College Town

I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better town to spend my college years in than Pittsford, NY. Any Nazareth student would say that they enjoy their sunny days walking to the Erie Canal or biking around the village. There’s so much to do within an easy two mile walk from campus.




The village of Pittsford offers so much to Naz students! Ask any student here and they will tell you it doesn’t get much nicer than Pittsford. The closest place to campus, and a favorite spot for many Naz students, is the Pittsford Dairy, famous for its ice cream and pastry goodies. It’s a great spot to take a study break and indulge with friends. Another hot spot for our students is Hungry’s Hots. Here, you can try Rochester’s famous “garbage plate”! A garbage plate is a disorganized combination of either a hamburger, steak, chicken, grilled cheese, fish, etc., served on top of home fries, fries, beans, and mac salad. It’s essentially a delicious overload mess that Nazareth students LOVE.

pittsford dairy



My favorite thing to do in Pittsford is to spend time on the canal. I love jogging on the canal on a nice day or enjoying one of the quaint, homey restaurants that sit directly on the water. In this part of Pittsford, there are many charming restaurants and shops. My favorite restaurant on the canal is the Village Coal Tower. This diner serves traditional diner food such as breakfast foods, hamburgers, melts, and club sandwiches. Simply Crepes is another popular eatery on the canal. Here they serve crepes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert. It’s a great place to kick back and relax with a crepe of your choice and a cup of coffee in hand. Other places on the canal include: Aladdin’s Natural Eatery, Jembetat, Trü Salon, and more!




Our campus is also in close proximity to Monroe Avenue, which is full of strip malls and plazas. The most visited place on Monroe Ave. for Naz students is undoubtedly Wegman’s. Growing up outside New York City, I never knew Wegman’s existed until I first came to Nazareth College. Wegman’s is hands-down THE best grocery store I have ever been to. My friends and I love grabbing a bite to eat at the food bar, or just quickly stopping in to pick up some groceries. It’s only about a three-minute drive from campus, making any run to Wegman’s quick and easy. Another popular spot for students on Monroe is the Cheesecake Factory. Any student who lives on campus will tell you that this is their go-to restaurant; this is where we take our parents and friends when they visit. What’s better than a great meal with some cheesecake??


I am so grateful for the village of Pittsford and all of the places in it. This town has impacted my experience at Nazareth for the better. It has provided me with a sense of my own hometown and a feeling of warmth among a close community.


Pittsford is also about 10 minutes away from downtown Rochester which Jeanie also wrote a blog about.