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Where Are They Now? Alumni Profile Series – Kelsey Sweet

Where Are They Now? Alumni Profile Series – Kelsey Sweet

Nazareth College is a super cool place full of super cool people who go on to do super cool things after they graduate. This January, we’re going to feature some of our alumni talking about what they’re doing out there in the real world as well as reflecting on their time here at Naz. Our first profile features Kelsey Sweet who graduated in May of 2015 with her BA in Communication and Media with a minor in Sports Marketing.

What are you doing now? 

 I currently live in northwest Arkansas and I am the Special Events Coordinator for the Northwest Arkansas Naturals baseball team, the double-A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals. I get to set up all special events that aren’t baseball, do some outside sales, and help out with social media for the team. Going to work at a ballpark every day is so much fun and northwest Arkansas is an awesome area!



In what ways did your experiences at Naz prepare you for what you’re doing now?

 There’s so many things at Naz that helped prepare me for my career! One experience that had a major impact was interning with Naz Athletics my junior and senior year helping run marketing and promotions. Also, the time that I spent talking to various professors as well as local professionals about their experiences and what advice they had for me going out into the real world was invaluable.

What is your fondest memory of your time at Naz?

 I think my favorite thing about Naz was being able to walk down the hall or just over to another residence hall to hang out with my best friends. Most people that I’ve met in Arkansas have gone to B I G schools (nothing wrong with those at all), but the experience that you get at Naz is unlike one you’ll get anywhere else, living on a campus with such a tight knit community. Everyone on campus will tell you this, but it really is true.

How do you think your life has changed the most since leaving college?

When you get up and move somewhere where you no one at all, you grow up really fast. It’s something I’d recommend everyone does at least once in their lifetime. After college for me was, and probably is, a very convenient time for most people, because usually you don’t have much, if anything, tying you down from doing so. I got a killer opportunity to move and work in professional baseball; I would’ve been stupid not to go. I think I’ve realized the potential that I have and how well Naz prepared me, even though I didn’t realize it in the moment.

As someone who’s been through the entire college experience, what’s some advice you have for incoming freshman?

So many people will tell you this, but time really does fly by. Try to get involved on-campus, but also in the community as much as you can. You’re going to meet the people who are going to stand next to you when you get married, no lie. The friendships that you build in college are forever friendships; they’ll go with you wherever you are, even if you aren’t physically together. Be present where you are, don’t sit on your cell phone all the time. Go to that random event that your friend asks you to go to. Say YES to every non-creepy social invitation. You never know what will happen. There’s never going to be another time in your life like college. Naz will prepare you so well for life after college, you’ll be ready to go if you make the most out of your time there and take advantage of the amazing opportunities that Naz has. Going to class and grades are SO important, because that’s what you’re there for, but don’t forget to have fun too. Take naps, laugh hard, and live life to the fullest.



Hi all! My name is Meg Grant and I'm a 6th year physical therapy student with a passion for pediatrics here at Nazareth. I also have psychology and honors minors. In what little spare time I do have, I do my best to stay active in the music program here where I play oboe. Originally from Buffalo, I'm a huge baseball fan and avid cross-country skiier. I love to spend as much time as I can outside and am always working my way through multiple books. I hope to someday move out west and spend lots of time hiking in our national parks but for now I'm enjoying all that Rochester has to offer.