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Workin’ Hard or Hardly Workin’?

Workin’ Hard or Hardly Workin’?

…well, I am definitely working, that’s for sure, but my work-study jobs are so awesome, sometimes it doesn’t feel like work at all!!
Like many college students, getting a work-study job was a must for me. Paying for college can be expensive and we all could use a little extra spending money! At Nazareth College, finding a work-study job I love was easy…so easy that I found three. I work for admissions as a student ambassador, as a peer tutor for the Center for Student Success, and in the office for Partners for Learning!
A common myth is that only students who have work-study can get on campus employment. This is not true at Naz. While it may help, and there certainly are more jobs available for work-study students, many places on campus hire non-work-study students. Working on campus offers so many benefits and I’m so thankful for the jobs I have.
Flexibility. Many students fear getting a job on campus, especially their freshman year, because they want to focus on school, and while getting three jobs right off the bat might not be for everyone, there are jobs for everyone on campus and students can usually find schedules that allow them to work as little or as much as they want. I work in an office where they allow me to make my own schedule. If I have an hour between classes, I can squeeze in an hour of work!
Convenience. All students have the opportunity at the beginning of the year to attend the job fair located in the community center, and there are color coded signs to help students determine which jobs are work-study, non-work-study, and even off-campus. Some jobs even do interviews and hiring right on the spot! Another perk: you don’t have to worry about transportation. For instance, Partners for Learning sends small groups of students out in campus vans to the Rochester City Schools to work as tutors or mentors in the classrooms. We get to make a difference in the lives of kids, see a little bit of Rochester, and bond with the other Partners while in the campus vans, all while getting paid! What more could you ask for?
Professional Development. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, campus employers are dedicated to making you the best person you can be. Many on campus jobs require and pay you to attend workshops to help you sharpen your professional skills and become more culturally aware. One workshop I attended was about motivating learners; it taught me how to work with the students in Partners, and I was able to apply it to my OT classes as well! Work experience while in college looks great on a resume!! Employers on campus are really invested in your career building. They understand you’re a budding professional and can help you fine-tune your professional skills in a non-threatening environment. When a tough situation came up in our office, my boss told me to draft an email, and he read it over when I was finished.
Fun. Have I mentioned how much fun my jobs are? I get to do fun things, stay on campus, learn a lot, and get paid. Another perk: my friends work on campus too. And the people I work with in all of my jobs have become my friends. I LOVE going to work.

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