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Blog Series: Letter To My Senior High School Self

Blog Series: Letter To My Senior High School Self

To my high school senior self:

Here are some things that you should know. First off, stop worrying about college and enjoy your last year as a high school student. You’ll miss your friends and your family, but you’ll still talk to them and see them when you come home. You’ll miss the regular routine and seeing the familiar faces when walking around school, but you’re onto a new adventure. Being a high school senior is stressful, just remember it’s still important to have fun and know when it’s okay to relax. Also, stop being so afraid of college! Just because you don’t know anybody or have never been to Rochester, doesn’t mean you won’t make new friends. Worrying about not making friends is just a waste of your time (someone’s gotta like you at Nazareth!).

senior high school

When you get to school, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to new people; people you would never have thought to approach before. You’ll be surprised at all the amazing people you’ll meet. When you first get to school, go to orientation. It’ll be a great way to meet people right away and you won’t feel so overwhelmed.

senior high school

You will handle the amount of work and keep up with your classes. Even if you find yourself struggling, you’ll always be able to find help when you need it. When you start your first semester of college, try to make the most of it. Your class schedule will take time to get used to, but always pursue new opportunities. Your college experience is what you make it so go out and try as many new things as possible, especially be sure to study abroad.


But most importantly remember this: college is the time to become whoever you want to be. Embrace yourself and don’t let anyone else define you. Don’t deny yourself any experience based on other’s judgements. Explore every area of interest and embrace the person you are.


Jouli Mikhail Gobrial

Class of 2016


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