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Blog Series: Letter To My High School Senior Self

Blog Series: Letter To My High School Senior Self

To My Senior High School Self,

Here are just a few things I want you to remember…

Always try your best… because your best is good enough. You will get through the exams, the papers, the homework, and the readings, and when you’re done you’ll say, “that wasn’t so bad!”

Learn to plan, and plan to learn, because everything about college is a learning experience… But my favorite thing that I wish I could have told you during senior year of high school was that your biggest and best adventure yet would be to get to know yourself.


It is so important to embrace the changes that are coming at you, even if you feel like you’re not ready… I promise you, you are so ready! But remember to take care of yourself because these next four years are going to be quite the ride, you will laugh, you will cry, and you will be the happiest you’ve ever been and all those are great feelings because it means you are growing into you and pushing yourself to be the best you, you can be!

When you get to that awesome college you have been waiting all summer to get to, introduce yourself to everyone! They are all in the same boat as you (even though you thought you were the only new girl). Go to the orientation activities, play the silly and embarrassing ice breaker games, and put yourself out there because if you don’t you’ll regret not trying!

You have spent the last four years of high school listening to what is right for you and how you should do things, but now it is your turn to decide. College is an opportunity to reinvent the you that you have always envisioned! Embrace all of the changes and have fun with them! Create the you that the future you will adore!

But most importantly, do what makes you happy!

Emily Ahlheim

Class of 2016


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