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Nazareth Employee Series: Leah Stacy

Nazareth Employee Series: Leah Stacy

Ms. Leah Stacy is a relatively new face on the Nazareth campus, and both current and future students are lucky enough to have a professor and community member who brings so much to the table.  As a professor in the rather small communications and media program, the majority of students may not be fully aware of all she has to offer the Nazareth community.  She is not someone prospective students would typically hear from or meet when they visit Nazareth, but having gotten to know her a bit, I think she is someone who perfectly encompasses Nazareth and what we stand for.

Leah is a professor of professional practice in the communications and media program.  She teaches all of the practical hands on courses within the program, including courses which rely on real life experience, such as: basic writing skills, social media, blogging, editing and grammar and punctuation.  Her specialty are subjects which have a digital focus, and she is truly an expert in what she teaches.

One thing which has become quite evident through taking her courses is the ways she can benefit anyone on campus, not merely students who are involved in the communications program.  Social media is becoming an important element in the job market, so I would urge students of all backgrounds to consider taking one of her classes, as I think anyone can reap the benefits.  Whether or not you are someone who wants to take advantage of an educational opportunity, Leah’s familiarity with the Rochester area has value in itself.

Growing up in Bergen, NY, a small town bordering Monroe County, Professor Stacy spent the majority of her life in the Rochester area.  She earned her undergraduate degree from Roberts Wesleyan, also in Rochester.  She later moved to Syracuse to attend the prestigious Newhouse graduate program at Syracuse University, where she earned her master’s before moving back to Rochester in 2012.

What Leah can offer in the classroom is unique, but her familiarity with Rochester is an aspect which can benefit just about anyone at Nazareth. Prospective students are always asking about the social life in Rochester, so when I asked Leah for some input, she had quite a bit to say.  I specifically asked her what she loves most about Rochester. “Well, I think maybe the best thing is we have all these little neighborhoods and they all have their own personalities” she said. “It’s not just down town Rochester, it’s the Neighborhood of the Arts, it’s the South Wedge, its East Ave, Park Ave, and we have a great festival scene.”

Park Ave Fest

In addition to Rochester’s festivals which occur throughout the year, she also mentioned the affordable housing and the great food scene.  The affordable housing is definitely something students can take advantage of and a feature I can also attest to–I lived downtown in a house with four friends for an affordable price and had a phenomenal experience.  We had an easy drive to campus and were able to take advantage of the food and entertainment of downtown Rochester.

Prospective students can definitely look forward to Rochester’s food.  College students certainly do their fair share of eating out, and we have an endless amount of delicious and affordable eateries in Rochester.  If there’s a professor at Nazareth who can speak to Rochester’s food scene, it’s Leah.  I asked her for a couple recommendations for students. “Best burger of your life-or at least in Rochester-is at Good Luck,” she said.  “It’s so big that you can split with another person. They bring it out on a wooden platter, and it’s like a two pound burger. You will think about it for a long time after, until you get another one.” (After talking with her and seeing her enthusiasm for this burger, it’s certainly a burger I plan on trying.)


If you’re not a burger person, we also discussed the Rochester Public Market, which occurs on Saturday mornings.  Prior to talking with her, I had heard about the market and planned on going in the spring, but after hearing about the best breakfast sandwich in Rochester, I may need to visit before then.



Whether you want professional advice, educational advice or leisurely advice, Leah is a resourceful member of the Nazareth community.  One thing I’ve learned is she knows someone just about everywhere.  Her connections seem to be endless, and she is more than willing to aid students in building their network.  She’s made it quite clear her ultimate goal is to shape students into their best selves and help place them where they want to be, which is the ultimate goal in the first place.

In the past, she has worked for: USA Today, POST magazine, (585) magazine, The Democrat and Chronicle, Roberts Wesleyan, St. John Fisher and Nazareth.  Prior to taking my first class with her last spring, I was not totally sure what direction I wanted to go in.  Three months later, I not only knew I wanted to go into media, but I also had a solid list for Rochester’s best burgers, donuts, and mac & cheese, and that’s what really matters.

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Burger Photo: Leah Stacy

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Park Ave Photo: Matt DeTurck