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Lawyer by Day, Wrestling Announcer by Night: Alumni Interview with Greg Hyde

Lawyer by Day, Wrestling Announcer by Night: Alumni Interview with Greg Hyde

Here at Nazareth College we love to brag about how cool our students are; we love to claim that typical academic stereotypes have no place here and we all have varied and unique interests. Alumnus Greg Hyde ’07 epitomizes such assertions.

Major: Political science

Activities you were involved with on campus: While at Naz I served as Class of 2007 Senator for 4 years in the UA and as a Resident Assistant for 3 years. I was also a member of INC and Lambda.

What are you doing now? In Sept. 2014, I opened my own law office and have been practicing ever since. The Law Office of Gregory S. Hyde is located on Wall Street, and as a solo practitioner, I handle a wide range of legal matters. In addition to my law practice, I co-host a weekly ESPN podcast, Cheap Heat, with Peter Rosenberg and David Shoemaker. Cheap Heat is an award-winning podcast that focuses on the crazy world of professional wrestling.


Greg shortly after being sworn-in to the Connecticut State Bar in 2012.

In what ways did your experiences at Naz prepare you for what you’re doing now? I credit most of my success to my time at Nazareth. I was a political science major, with no plan for what I would do after graduation. Luckily, I had a close relationship with Dr. Kneeland, Dr. Murphy, and President Braveman, and they encouraged me to pursue a career in law. They saw something in me that I never saw in myself. I’m sure I would’ve graduated, but I don’t know where I would be if not for their encouragement.

What is your fondest memory of your time at Naz? There is a trail near campus that my best friend and I used to use to walk to Wegman’s. There were many days, and many nights, that we walked that trail to Wegman’s. Most days we didn’t even need anything, it was just our escape from campus.

What’s one thing about life after college that turned out differently than you expected? I never expected to be in the position I am in now. If, while I was at Naz, someone were to tell me that at 30 I would have my own law office and be a broadcaster for ESPN I would laugh in his face. Since then, I’ve done that and so much more and I couldn’t have predicted any of it. More importantly, I’m having a blast. Besides college, this has been the best time of my life. I wouldn’t trade it in for anything (except maybe $75 billion).

Greg preparing to host a charity event in October 2015.

Greg preparing to host a charity event in October 2015.

As someone who’s been through the entire college experience, what’s some advice you have for incoming freshman? The best advice I can give incoming freshmen is this: have a plan, but be prepared to adapt at a moments notice. It’s necessary to have goals and a vision, and a clear plan for your future, but don’t become a slave to that. Most things won’t go according to plan. Sometimes, the universe will change your plans. When that happens, adapt, find the opportunity that has just presented itself, and take advantage of it. Also, study abroad if you can afford it. These will be the best four years of your life. Make the most of it.

What do you like best about your job? As a lawyer, I love being in court the most. I encounter something different every day and this keeps the job fresh. I never get bored. As a podcaster, I like the perks that come with my job: free tickets, private parties, gifts, fan love. Podcasting has done a lot to repair the damage done to my ego in the courtroom.

How did you get into podcasting? I never had any interest in broadcasting, so to be quite honest, this all happened by luck. One of my clients is a prominent DJ in New York City who used to work at Hot 97, and he also does a podcast with Peter Rosenberg. After listening to Cheap Heat one day, I called my client to ask if he would introduce me to Peter Rosenberg. He should’ve said no, but he instead he made the introduction. When I met Rosenberg I asked if I could join Cheap Heat. He should’ve said no too, but instead he invited me to be a guest on the next taping. It was then that I met David Shoemaker, who should have vetoed my appearance and ended my podcasting career right then and there. Instead, he welcomed me to the show and after the show, invited me to come back the next week. I had no broadcasting experience, and really have no business being given that platform, yet here we are.

Tell us more about wrestling and your alter ego reporter… 

To Cheap Heat listeners, I am known as Stat Guy Greg.  Initially, my only responsibility is to make sure that Rosenberg and Shoemaker get their facts straight. Often times this requires me to do research while we’re in the midst of a conversation to make sure that the information that we present our listeners is 100% accurate. However, since my debut, I’ve been taking on a more prominent role on the show.

Greg, appearing in character with Peter Rosenberg, on Fox 5's Good Day New York.

Greg, appearing in character with Peter Rosenberg, on Fox 5’s Good Day New York.

You can find me on the web at You can find the Cheap Heat podcast at Follow me on Twitter @StatGuyGreg

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Hi all! My name is Meg Grant and I'm a 6th year physical therapy student with a passion for pediatrics here at Nazareth. I also have psychology and honors minors. In what little spare time I do have, I do my best to stay active in the music program here where I play oboe. Originally from Buffalo, I'm a huge baseball fan and avid cross-country skiier. I love to spend as much time as I can outside and am always working my way through multiple books. I hope to someday move out west and spend lots of time hiking in our national parks but for now I'm enjoying all that Rochester has to offer.