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Thoughts You Have Before Graduating from Nazareth College

Thoughts You Have Before Graduating from Nazareth College

1) WE MADE IT!! Phew, these last four years were tough. Tests, finals, study guides, late nights, presentations…college has thrown a lot at us, but we nailed it. Good job, us.


2) …okay…so..what happens next? The world is our great big oyster, full of endless possibilities, but where do go from here? How do we start?


3) If there are no dining halls in real life, who will prepare my stir fry exactly the way I like it? Getting take out every night will get expensive. Cooking for myself is going to be a new adventure. Wish me luck.


4) Who will watch the bachelor with me if I live by myself? And who is going make sure this shirt goes with this outfit? And if I need to borrow a scarf?!? The people we have lived with the past four years are like our family, and it is going to be seriously difficult to adjust to life without seeing them everyday.


5) NO MORE EXAMS! Or staying up really late to write a long paper. Dare I say, I might actually get to bed on time! I won’t be procrastinating when I binge watch that entire series on Netflix.  (A girl can dream, right?)


6) How will I go outside in the winter if there are no tunnels to places in the real world? I guess now would be the perfect time to look for a job somewhere warm…


7) I’m going to miss all the campus activities like Pinterest Night and basketball games. Free fun is always better than paying for fun, plus there was someone emailing me telling me when to show up, providing transportation, and all my friends were going, too. *sigh*


8) I’M TOTALLY PREPARED TO BE A GROWN UP! (Okay, well, an amateur grown up, at least) And it’s all thanks to the wonderful professors, faculty, and staff that have believed in me along the way. They have challenged me to be the best version of myself, and I am forever grateful for that.


9) But wait, grown-ups have to pay for printing?!? It’s safe to say we’ve been a bit spoiled at Nazareth with unlimited printing.  Hmmmm… reconsidering the grown-up thing.


10) You really, really, don’t want to leave Nazareth College. Over the past four years, this has become home, a happy place, and a place full of memories. You can’t imagine your life anywhere else.


11) I’m pretty stoked to wear a cap and gown though.


12) Despite all of the mixed emotions surrounding graduation, we have so much to be proud of. We have come a long way, and we have accomplished a lot. If we can make it here, we can make it anywhere. Go forth and prosper, my friends.