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Letter To My Future Self

Letter To My Future Self

Dear My Future Self,

Here I am, a senior in college and about to graduate. I cannot help but wonder what the future “you” has in store for us. The endless unanswered questions of where will I be in ten years, will I have my dream job, living in the sweet south, married, with three kids?

And then I think; does any of it matter where I am or what I am doing if I am not happy? I aspire to do big things, to make my parents proud, and to make something great of myself but it all means nothing without happiness. So I ask you, my future me: be selfish, think about yourself more often than you’d like too. Do something different everyday, be spontaneous, and do not get caught up on yesterday or tomorrow; get lost in the moment and take it all in because today only happens once and if you don’t grab ahold of it and take advantage of every opportunity that comes our way my friend, it will be gone.

Remember when we were wishing our life away in high school? We couldn’t wait to go to college, to grow up and be an adult. Now we are wishing time would slow down because these last four years have flown by. So my advice to you, right now, for today, tomorrow, and every day in between is please don’t wish any more of our time away or wish that you had done anything different. So the only option is to just do it! You may never get that chance again. Be cliché and live in the moment and have no regrets; we only have one shot at this so let’s do it right.

Always do what makes you happy, don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, never compare your life to others because this is our story, you owe it to us to make it great!

Yours truly,