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What You Really Need – Freshman Dorm Supplies

What You Really Need – Freshman Dorm Supplies

I remember moving into my freshman dorm in Kearney like it was just yesterday – I had a van full of stuff and spent hours moving into my room. But, throughout the semester, I noticed I was missing some of the essentials I didn’t know I would need. Here is a list of things most people forget to bring to college that they really should.


A step stool – Although we do not have loft beds, most people like their beds raised pretty high for storage space below. Unless you like the “run and jump” method of getting onto your bed, I suggest you bring a stepstool. It doesn’t have to be big at all. The one I had could be folded up and put in between my desk and bed.

A full body mirror – This is a must! especially if you are a little farther away from the bathroom. The most useful are the mirrors you can put on the wall or hang on the back of the door. Most dorm mirrors that are sold also have a storage space in them – bonus!

Clorox Wipes – You may not think you will clean that often, but nobody wants to sit at a desk that has fried chicken crumbs and fruit punch on it. These wipes were a lifesaver, especially for the little messes.

Ice trays – I am the biggest fan of iced coffee, so when I want to make iced coffee, I throw ice in a to go cup and put it under my Keurig. This is perfect for a late start to a morning on your way to an 8am class. Also, a Keurig is a good idea if you are a coffee addict like me.

Storage Storage Storage! – There is obviously not a ton of room to keep your stuff in a dorm room made for 2 or 3 people. I got tall metal shelving to put over my bed. Some people put the shelving over their desk (depending on the style of your desk). Another great storage idea is a desk saver – it’s just an extra shelf you put on top of your desk that can add another surface.


First aid kit – A typical first aid kit is good, with bandaids and neosporin but even better is to load it up with over the counter meds. You never know when you are going to get sick at school and usually when one person is sick, it spreads. Save yourself a trip to Wegman’s and buy some pepto-bismol and allergy/cold medication just in case. You’ll be happy you did!

Ethernet cable – An ethernet cable gives instant internet to your computer; think of it like a landline for your laptop. Although the wifi is not terrible, it is used by a lot of people (especially during finals!). If you do choose to get one, make sure to get the appropriate adapter for your computer and choose the longest length cable you can find.

Lights – Dorm lighting is mostly overhead fluorescent lighting It’s a good idea to either get a stand up light (no more than 3 bulbs) or a desk light. Smaller lights like this are perfect if your roommate goes to bed earlier than you or you like mood lighting more than florescent.

Humidifier – As surprising as this sounds, it can be pretty warm in the dorms in the winter. The heat is on high which means the air is dry. Getting a humidifier can help prevent sore throats and static-y clothes in the winter.

I hope this was helpful for everyone soon to be settling into Naz. We can’t wait to see you and I’m sure you will be ready for the year to come. Good luck shopping!