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Core Milestone Experience: Alessio De Michele and Good Leadership

Core Milestone Experience: Alessio De Michele and Good Leadership

So, you’ve made it through all your Perspectives and Enduring-Questions courses, and you’re trying to decide what you’re interested in studying for your three Integrative Studies courses? Or maybe, you’re sure you’re interested in International Business, Marketing, and Sports, but you’re not sure how to turn your IS courses into a final Core Milestone Experience project? Not to worry- there are some amazing students, and even some graduates, who have cultivated masterpieces, photo presentations, videos, and books, among other things, to represent their interests and studies. Check out their journeys through the new core.

Meet Alessio De Michele

Major: Business Administration

Hometown: Endicott, NY / Montelongo, Italy

Graduation Year: 2017

 Extracurricular Activities: Men’s Soccer, Club Italianissimo, Tutoring Services, Internship Program


What courses made up your IS Cluster?

1) MGT 212 Organization & Management – understanding cultural and sociological workings of the  workplace

2) SPT 375 Sport Administration – analyzing how professional/collegiate sport programs operate, as well as various careers within sport (other than players)

3) SOC 301 Individual & Society – analyzing different human behaviors and how individuals interact and effect society


What was your Core Milestone Experience project about?

My CME project was an ignite presentation (showed images that demonstrated key ideas of my project) as I told the story of how these classes and my experience at Nazareth College have taught me about leadership. I presented it with a friend, I explained what good, effective leadership looks like while he gave a humorous juxtaposition of what poor leadership is. I talked about main concepts like unity, togetherness, having a common goal and attention to details, then explained how I learned and apply these in my life as a soccer player (especially as captain), soccer coach, student, and friend.


How did you come up with the idea?      

I always have been fascinated with great leaders, in particular captains of my favorite soccer teams when I was little, so I wanted to explore how my time in college has taught me about how to be a good leader.  In the classroom, on the field, in the locker room, or on campus I always try to be a role model of someone who tries to do the right thing and help people and I wanted to be able to talk about soccer, so I thought this was a perfect opportunity to share my ideas on what a leader should look like.


How do you think your Core Milestone Experience, your IS clusters, and your PE-Q courses in general, have helped prepare you for life after college?

I like Nazareth’s system of PE-Q courses and CME because it gives the students opportunities to experience courses outside their comfort zones and makes them more open to the real world and how everything ties together, as well as giving them an appreciation to learn about various topics. I think this system is a great way to develop good, life-long learning habits. I believe they have helped prepare me for life after college because I will be a more knowledgeable person (across many disciplines) but will also always be open and understanding to new ideas and methods of doing things, as well as teaching me how to act in a professional environment.

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