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Top Three Things to Love About the Nazareth Campus in Fall

Top Three Things to Love About the Nazareth Campus in Fall

You have to break out your pea-coat, your coffee can no longer be iced, and your daily commute now includes stepping over leaves; fall is finally here, whether you’re prepared for the annual wave of pumpkin flavored everything or not. I personally couldn’t be more excited – there’s nothing like a New York fall, and a fall at Naz is especially unique. From the change in color scheme to all the events on and off campus, autumn is truly awesome for us college kids.

1) Fall foliage makes for a gorgeous walk to class.

Normally our stained glass windows give Naz its pop of color, but they have some serious competition in the fall. Our tree littered campus goes from a sea of green to a kaleidoscope of reds, oranges, and yellows. People already regard Naz as a gorgeous campus, and I couldn’t agree more when October hits.


2) The Farmers Market saves me a trip to the Commissary.

Local produce, food trucks, and seasonal snacks make for a perfect afternoon. The Naz farmer’s market features everything from local honey farms to bird shelters, and gives you the opportunity to snag farm fresh produce and local art right on campus.


3) There are almost too many festive opportunities to check out.

Campus Events: Holidays are synonymous with fun, and Naz definitely delivers on that. From haunted hayrides to Human vs. Zombies nerf battles to a giant murder mystery throughout the math and science center, Naz has some form of festivity for everyone!

Volunteering: With the holidays fast approaching, there’s a new willingness to give back through volunteer service among students. Alongside multiple food, clothing, and toy drives, Naz offers numerous events to get involved both on and off campus. One of my personal favorites is the Zoo Boo, an annual scavenger hunt for kids through the Seneca Park Zoo: Little kids in costumes? Check. Surrounded by animals? Check. A chance to volunteer alongside your friends? Check. Not only is it an adorable way to help out, but serves as some serious costume inspiration; honestly, these kids’ get ups put every costume I’ve ever had to shame. For those of you who want more spook than sweet, Naz also allows you to volunteer for the Monster Mash run held in the middle of Mt. Hope Cemetery. You can set up and assist with the run designed to raise awareness and money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Seeing as you’re surrounded by tombstones, it’s a chilling way to help a worthy cause. If runs are your thing, the UA also participates in the annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk. This opportunity allows you to deck yourself out in pink, tour downtown Rochester by means of running through it, and get your cardio in all in one go.