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Real Life @ Naz

I AM Pre-Med @ Naz

I AM Pre-Med @ Naz

Name: Kayla Page fullsizerender-jpg

Major: Biology

Minors: Pre-Med, Chemistry, Religious Studies

Hometown: Johnson City, NY

Graduation Year: 2017

Favorite Girl Scout Cookie: Thin Mints

5 Things You Might Not Know About Kayla:

  • I have presented at 2 National Chemistry Conferences for research; I will present at my 3rd conference this spring.
  • I have been to 5 other countries.
  • The beach is my HAPPY place.
  • If I had to pick a career other than medicine, I would go into special education.
  • I’m on the Nazareth Women’s Golf team

How have your experiences at Naz challenged your expectations about what college would be like?

My experiences at Naz definitely challenged my expectations about what college would be like. The coursework in college is a huge step from high school. Also, balancing classes, work, sports, and a social life has been a challenge for me (as well as all other college students). But on the other hand, Nazareth has helped with the challenges I’ve faced in both my coursework and research. My professors have always been there for me since I started as a freshman. And I met so many incredible people at Nazareth that exceeded my expectations about what college would be like. Also, participating on the Nazareth’s Women’s Golf team has taught me so much more than I expected in terms of teamwork, leadership, and skill building.


How has your time at Naz sparked your life’s work?

My time at Naz has provided me with experiences that have and will shape me into the person I hope to become. I have learned to grow as an adult at Nazareth, becoming more acquainted with the responsibilities of adulthood that are knocking on every college student’s doorsteps. Naz has allowed me to pursue my passion for science and research and continued to stoke that passion by providing me with opportunities to present my research at the National Chemistry Conference. Not only has Naz sparked my life’s work in my academics, but it has in campus life as well. Volunteering for the LifePrep Program on campus has allowed me to discover and explore my passion for working with college-age students who have intellectual disabilities (something I may not have had the chance to do as a biology major at a different college).


What are the benefits of participating in the pre-med program at Nazareth College?

The pre-med program at Nazareth is a smaller program, so it allows for your pre-med adviser to really get to know you. Also, the program helps you find outside contacts for possible clinical experience. This is something I am extremely grateful for especially in such a competitive program. There are opportunities to participate in research as a freshman which is a unique attribute to the science department at Nazareth. Alumni are always willing to come back and give advice; some alumni serve as unofficial peer mentors and help out current students in the program which is much appreciated! Overall, the program provides interesting course work with awesome professors and incredible opportunities for networking and professional development even as a freshman.

Nazareth College - Peckham Hall

What is your advice for incoming freshman in your department?

Get involved with your department as much as you can by getting to know your professors and other classmates. Most likely you will have the same schedule for the next four years as the other students in your program; make friends! Be sure to also get to know the upperclassmen because they are the key to knowing how to survive the next four years of grueling science classes. Also, get involved with science events and take advantage of all the extra opportunities your department offers. Getting involved with research as early as possible is important. Mainly, just make sure you get involved in any way you can!


What is your favorite thing about being a pre-med student at Naz?

Nazareth is a small enough school where you can really get to know your pre-med advisor. You are able to build relationships with your advisor and other pre-med students who can help with finding new opportunities to shadow or possible work experiences in a healthcare setting.