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Core Milestone Experience: Cassie and Diversity in Education

Core Milestone Experience: Cassie and Diversity in Education

So, you’ve made it through all your Perspectives and Enduring-Questions courses, and you’re trying to decide what you’re interested in studying for your three Integrative Studies courses? Or maybe, you’re sure you’re interested in International Business, Marketing, and Sports, but you’re not sure how to turn your IS courses into a final Core Milestone Experience project? Not to worry- there are some amazing students, and even some graduates, who have cultivated masterpieces, photo presentations, videos, and books, among other things, to represent their interests and studies. Check out their journeys through the new core.

Name: Cassie Matalavage

Major: Inclusive Education and Spanish

Hometown: Rotterdam, NY

Grad Year: 2017

What are you involved in on campus?

Partners for Learning – a program where Nazareth College students push into local city school districts as mentors

Life Prep – a transitional program for college aged students with developmental disabilities to learn life skills, take classes alongside Nazareth students, and enjoy the college experience

Saint’s Place – a program where Nazareth students help support local refugees whether through childcare, mentoring, or support in preparing to become a citizen

What courses made up your IS cluster?

1) SPF 204 History and Philosophy of Education – A class that focuses on questioning the education system in America.

2) INCH 310 Differentiated Planning and Assessment for Diverse Learners– A class that focuses on how to incorporate diversity as a teacher in the classroom.

3) SPN 224 Cultural Perspectives of Latin America– A class that focused on how Latin Americans feel towards Americans and how we do not welcome them into our country.

What was your project? How did you present it?

My project was a video that discussed the importance of incorporating the teaching of diversity in schools.

How did you come up with the idea?

I believe that it is an important topic; I was inspired by my work with the Partners for Learning program.

How do you think your Core Milestone Experience, your IS cluster, and your PE-Q courses in general, have helped prepare you for life after college?

I believe that my IS clusters and PEQ courses have helped me prepare  by encouraging me to see life from a different perspective; I’m more open-minded towards what I want in the future.


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