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Things I’m Thankful for at Nazareth

Things I’m Thankful for at Nazareth

Although I’ll be going home for the break, I already kind of miss being at Naz- crazy, right? At the end of the day, as nice as it is to go home to my family and hometown friends, there are so many things about Naz that I’ve come to cherish. I’m grateful for a school that has given me so many new friends, new opportunities, and new experiences. Check out the list below to see what has me saying “Thanks Naz”!

tThe Location As a business major, the idea that “location is everything” has been ingrained in my system,and Naz has proven that to me ten times over. I love how calm and quiet the campus is when I come home- it’s free of traffic and noise you would normally experience in the city. But, when I’m in the mood for a garbage plate or any of the other delicious dishes Rochester boasts, off campus foodie spots are a quick ten minute drive to downtown.

t1Heated Tunnels I moved here from Maryland- my definition of snow is limited to the kind that comes in a can. With that in mind, I thank my lucky stars everyday that Nazareth has tunnels that not only get me from my dorm to class and back again, but are well insulated and heated.


t2Awesome Professors
This one’s a little more general but certainly deserves a shoutout. Speaking holistically, the professors at Naz are some of the greatest professors out there and you can quote me on that. They all take the time to get to know you personally and keep your goals in mind. I’ve received internships and opportunities I would have never been able to find on my own because of the connections I have with my professors.

t3 New Connections This one speaks volumes on multiple levels: since going to Naz, I’ve been able to meet new people from all over New York and around the world, I’ve established professional connections with businesses around here, and I’ve become more connected to Rochester as a whole through exploring the city and joining it’s roller derby league.


t4Kind Staff We all know almost too well that customer service can make or break a meal. At Naz, I am so thankful to have the staff that we do, particularly in food services. They’re always eager to help and area all super cheerful. They seem to truly appreciate the students and it’s always a nice feeling knowing that when I get my coffee in the morning, Terrell will be there with a smile to perk me up more than the caffeine ever could.

t8Stress Relievers Midterms and finals and papers oh my! The end of the semester is chock-full of daunting deadlines and problematic projects.Fortunately, the clubs on campus are there to help! Naz offers everything from moonlight yoga to free chocolate to help students cope with the approaching end of the semester and I could not be more happy to take a trivia night study break after hours of paper writing.