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Core Milestone Experience: Alexis Byldenburgh and Culture

Core Milestone Experience: Alexis Byldenburgh and Culture

So, you’ve made it through all your Perspectives and Enduring-Questions courses, and you’re trying to decide what you’re interested in studying for your three Integrative Studies courses? Or maybe, you’re sure you’re interested in International Business, Marketing, and Sports, but you’re not sure how to turn your IS courses into a final Core Milestone Experience project? Not to worry- there are some amazing students, and even some graduates, who have cultivated masterpieces, photo presentations, videos, and books, among other things, to represent their interests and studies. Check out their journeys through the new core.

Meet Alexis Blydenburgh

Major: Spanish, Inclusive Childhood / Early Childhood Education

Minor: Dancealexis1

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Grad Year: 2017

Extracurricular Activities:

  • Student Government
  • Campus Activities Board
  • Partners for Serving
  • Orientation Leader
  • Community Service Floor

What courses made up your IS cluster?

1) SPN 224 Cultural Perspectives on Latin America: Latin American perspective on history and culture, rather than a Eurocentric view

2) INCH 320 emergent Literary and Language Development: Education literacy course discussing the importance of multicultural literature in the classroom among other things

3) DAN 102 Afro Caribbean Dance: Learned this dance style and how culture influenced the movement

4) Experiential Learning: Studying abroad in Valencia, Spain

What was your project? How did you present it?

I gave a PowerPoint presentation with the essential question “What is culture?” I interviewed students without study abroad experience and students with study abroad experience (both domestic students and international students) with a list of similar questions on how they viewed culture. The result was that students who studied abroad and studied another culture not only enhanced their understanding of a new culture, but of their own as well.

How did you come up with the idea?

I am very interested in culture and studying abroad in Valencia taught me so much I never knew about the United States. I wanted to share my findings with more people about the value of learning abroad.


How do you think your Core Milestone Experience, your IS clusters, and your PE-Q courses in general, have helped prepare you for life after college?

I want to further explore my question  of “what is culture?” after college as I will hopefully be going back abroad for my masters.