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Great Gifts on a Holiday Budget

Great Gifts on a Holiday Budget

Alright guys, time to face the facts: the holidays are here, and although this means it’s a time for joyous celebration and eating way too many holiday snacks, it also means it’s time to gift give. Now, gift giving can be a source of joy and love, and it really is a ton of fun, but if your bank account is anything like mine, trying to find a great gift is super difficult. I genuinely want to know people I care but that’s hard to do with $4.37 to my name. Here are some of my favorite ways to give meaningful gifts without breaking the bank.

1) Coffee Mug or Tumbler Filled With Candy The great thing about this gift is that it’s reusable – the container can be used time and time again, making this an easy and useful gift. Simply buy a mug, and fill it with your friend’s favorite sweet treat. You can shoot for a festive themed one or even DIY the exterior with some Sharpies.

2) Decorated Mason Jar These things are super cute and so easy, you just need some glue and paper! Fill a mason jar with anything- be it chocolate, gummy bears, or a cookie mix- and decorate the outside.

3) Handmade Art Having something your friend could hang up on their wall, look at, and smile is really something special and you can easily give that to them via art. Whether it’s a painting on canvas or a sketch on paper, giving your friend a cool, funny, or inspirational piece for their dorm is heartfelt and unique.

4) A Really Funny Card You could easily go to a store and get a traditional card that way or you could make a card yourself. This is a great gift for your fellow college students or long distance friends who are in the same broke-college-student boat you are. Let them know you’re thinking about them this holiday season by loading the card up with insiders and a heartfelt message and it’s sure to please!

5) Snack Basket What college kid doesn’t need food? It’s an essential around these parts, and there’s nothing better than free food. Go for a shopping trip to Trader Joe’s or Wegman’s and hook your friends up with some of their favorite study snacks or treat them to new items to try.

6) Hot Cocoa Jars These are not only super convenient but will totally come in handy during our arctic Rochester winters. Just fill a mason jar with cocoa powder, marshmallows, and candy canes and put a festive ribbon on it! Throw in some chocolate covered spoons to really show your love.

7) Homemade Food Nothing warms the soul more than a homemade dish and your friend will be ecstatic when they see that you took the time to make them something; who doesn’t love some homemade muffins? Whether it’s their favorite type or cookie or a go to comfort food, put your culinary skills to the test and make your friends some treats this winter! Bonus: all necessary cooking items can most likely be stolen from your parents’ kitchen.

In the end, a homemade, personalized, and heartfelt gift often means more to friends and family than store bought gifts. Enjoy your free time after finals to do some baking and crafting and you’ll probably love it more too. Happy holidays Naz and happy gifting.