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Getting Involved on Campus as a Freshman

Getting Involved on Campus as a Freshman

I was bombarded with information about the different “involvement opportunities” offered at every college I toured. Tour guides would constantly tout how great said college’s campus was, how many student organizations/clubs were offered on campus, etc. As a high school senior on tour, college seemed unreal and far away, and, not to mention, I was not the most “involved” person in high school. I definitely didn’t plan on getting involved in college and definitely not during my freshman year.


I could not have been more wrong.

I ended up getting involved on campus.


The transition from apathetic highschooler to gung-ho college student was gradual, rather than all of a sudden. One reason my transition occurred is because of the overwhelmingly welcoming environment at Naz. Upon becoming a student at Naz, I noticed a repeated occurrence each time I refreshed my email inbox. Each time, I would go through dozens of emails advertising clubs and events from various organizations on campus advertising “pinterest night,” free events, and various club meetings taking place that day. These emails provided more than enough motivation to start getting involved on campus.

Although I had a negative attitude towards getting involved, I decided to check out what Naz had to offer at one of the first events of the semester – the involvement fair – and was not disappointed. The involvement fair showcases the clubs and organizations available on campus. Naz has an extraordinarily diverse campus; there is something for everyone! Some of the clubs offered are related to different majors, like Public Health Club, and others can be related to a sport, like Ski and Snowboard Club. During the involvement fair, I found the perfect club to get involved in – Nazareth’s Commuter Association!

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Nazareth’s Commuter Association (NCA) helps commuters stay connected to everything happening on campus. They holds monthly meetings to talk about various topics and share concerns other commuters face as well as host events for the whole campus including the ever popular Lasertron night (free for commuters!). As soon as I discovered NCA, I knew I had to get involved with it. As a commuter, it is hard to stay on campus for a long time and many of the clubs and organizations at Naz hold meetings later in the night, when most commuter students have already gone home. NCA holds meetings during the lunch hour so they are convenient for commuter students as they’re easy to make in between classes.

I love that Nazareth encourages commuters to share their thoughts and join activities on campus. During the first meeting, two new positions on the executive board were offered to the attendees including the treasurer position. I decided to run and was lucky to be elected! As the treasurer of NCA, I keep track of our budget, make check requests, turn in all receipts for events/meetings, and make sure that we pay whoever we need to pay at events.

After being elected, I can say getting involved on campus is crucial freshman year. It is a small step towards major involvement at Nazareth, but definitely an important step. I have met many people and made new friends by getting involved on campus. Joining a club, sport, or team allows your voice to be heard and introduces you to new experiences. I have talked to many upperclassmen who regret not getting involved during their freshman year. Everyone decides to get involved in something during their years at Naz, and looking back, some students realize how their involvement could’ve helped them achieve more during their freshman year. Whether it is new friends, new experiences, or new connections, try to get involved on campus during your freshman year. You won’t regret it and it doesn’t hurt to try!


Former blogger Jenn Lachell, ’15 Marketing, talked about the benefits of being involved in her blog “Involved. Engaged. Connected” but from her perspective as a senior.