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A Marketing Internship at Archer Communications

A Marketing Internship at Archer Communications


As a communication and media student, it is required that you have at least one internship to gain some insight and experience about the field. Students at Nazareth are able to complete an internship regardless of major; for some, it is a requirement and for others, it is a choice. The best part of an internship is the valuable, real-world skills and insight you’ll gain for a specific industry and company. In high school, the only professional experience I had was working at Aeropostale and American Eagle. Besides visiting my mom at her office when I was younger, I had no idea what a real office environment was like. Now, I’m an intern at Archer Communications, and I couldn’t be happier with my placement. Archer communications is a marketing company focused on making each client’s story a success story. Archer doesn’t simply provide what you ask for, they understand the essence, strengths and challenges of your organization and devise on-point marketing solutions. I watch employees hustle, pitch their ideas, cold-call the media, write press releases, brainstorm in meetings, and do so much more. It was like a front row seat to my potential future. Not only did I get to watch and observe but I was also put in the driver’s seat. I got hands-on experience at the company and took a stab at writing press releases, organizing large press kits, and even made an attempt at a media pitch call, things I would have never had the opportunity to do in my dorm or inside the classroom. I’m at my internship from 1-5pm four days a week, and everyday it’s a new experience–which is why I enjoy it so much. Sometimes I’ll work on editing press releases, doing research on a company and its competitors, and research new social media trends. I went into this internship knowing very little about marketing communications, and now I feel like I know so much, and it’s only my third week! So far, this internship gave me a well-rounded hands-on education that I wouldn’t have received otherwise. Sometimes, I often feel lost and unsure about my future. During my internship, I am focused and motivated, as if someone gave me a crystal ball. The internship gives me a feel for what me what my life could be like after college and I am so excited!

Even if you have an internship that you don’t love, that’s okay because you’re still gaining skills and knowledge that are going to be valuable in the future and you are learning that it’s not something you want to pursue after graduation. Also, it’s important to know that you’re not alone; you’re not the first college student out there who hasn’t fallen completely head over heels in love with their internship. Think of it this way: you are spending time figuring out jobs you love (or don’t love) now so you don’t have to waste time after college. You can turn this into a learning experience and still walk away with a great resume builder, professional contacts, and valuable career skills. And remember, people change jobs every three years (on average) so you never know where those professional contacts will end up!

Remember, everyone has to start somewhere. When talking to successful people, you’ll find that many great careers started with an internship.