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4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Overnight Visit to Naz

4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Overnight Visit to Naz

It’s official; you made it! You’ve been accepted to Naz, and now you’re faced with the hard decision of committing to a college. One way to gain clarity on the subject is to schedule an overnight; overnights help you gain perspective on what a day in the life of a student is like and allow you to get to know the students on campus, get to know the personality of campus. An overnight at Naz allows you to experience some important elements of living here – a class, the atmosphere and people of campus, and the dorms – while also leaving time for you to just hang out with current Nazareth students. While you’re here, make the most of your time by squeezing in these four opportunities. **Just to clarify, overnights are ONLY available for accepted students. If you’re just starting your college search, we look forward to hosting you on campus in the future!**

1) Have a stereotypical college night in. Let’s be real; college is not all crazy nights out. More often than not you’re going to want to spend the night in with some Netflix and takeout with your friends. Treat yourself to some delicious Golden Flyers Grill cookies, put your fuzzy slippers on, and get your favorite movie streaming!

2) Have your host introduce you to someone new. It’s a simple concept: why have one when you could have more? Have your host invite their friends over to your Netflix and takeout night or head over to the dining hall with them for some light night waffles. It’s always better to have more connections going into college, so take advantage of it while you can!

3) Meet a really cool professor. This is a big one folks, especially if you’ve declared a major or are considering taking something on (double major, change of field, etc.); take some time to meet with a professor and chat with them. Get to know their personality, gain insight about their courses, and learn about your coursework here at Naz! If you have any questions about your major here at Naz, the faculty are the perfect people to talk to and you won’t get a chance to connect with them during a regular college tour. And, not brag or anything, but our faculty are really awesome; check out some faculty profiles: Mark Weber, marketing professor and Leah Stacy, English and communication professor.

4) Explore Campus. Let me tell you, for being as small of a school as we are, there’s a lot to check out. My personal favorite spots include the lawn in front of the Shults Center, Colie’s Cafe, and the greenhouse. Ask your overnight host to show you all of their favorite spots on campus. Campus tours have to fit A TON of information into an hour and focus on a general overview of campus which means you miss out on all of the small, tucked away spaces on campus that really give a college a personality and make it feel like home. Take advantage of all of this extra time on campus to explore!

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If you’re interested in participating in an overnight visit to campus, register here.