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My Naz Journey Part 2: Adding Three Minors

My Naz Journey Part 2: Adding Three Minors

When I first came to Naz, I was undeclared and had no idea what I wanted to do. Now, I’m a marketing major with minors in visual communications design, digital marketing and design, and communications and media.


Figuring out what I was interested in and how to put those interests into majors and minors was a bit of a journey, but one that Naz made very easy.


In my last post, I talked about going from undeclared to a marketing major. I loved the classes and knew I was interested in the marketing and advertising field. But, I knew I wanted to further my education in other ways as well. The first minor I added was a visual communications design, or VCD, minor. When deciding on a major, I knew I couldn’t picture my life without art, but I also didn’t feel like a VCD major was right for me. Once I decided on marketing as my major, I also immediately declared a visual communications design minor. As I work on finishing up my VCD minor, I can easily say that it was a great decision. I love the VCD program and I have learned so much through my classes and my professors.


My experience in design and familiarity with design programs thanks to these classes is a huge advantage in the marketing world.


After getting into the routine of marketing and design classes, I still felt like I wanted to learn more. Since I’m here, I might as well get as much education as I possibly can on anything that might be helpful to me in the real world. So, I declared digital marketing and design, DMD, as my second minor. DMD is a perfect mix of marketing, VCD, and communication classes. Many of the requirements for my marketing major and VCD minor would transfer to the requirements for my DMD minor too. The only additions were communication classes, something I was always interested in.


I took my first communication class, Writing for Digital Media, and immediately fell in love. After that, I looked up other classes I could take in the communications department and found the ones that interested me; all the classes I wanted to take were part of a communication and media minor! I declared my third and final minor soon after that.


When people ask me what I’m studying, I tell them all my majors and minors and they initially seem overwhelmed. What they don’t understand is that my major and minors fit together so perfectly; they’re all connected in some way and with the variety I’m getting with my degree, it will be easy for me to be prepared no matter the path my career will take me. Whether it’s marketing or graphic design or social media related, I know I will be prepared for whatever the future holds. The best part about all this is I still get to graduate on time. I came in with some credits but when I had my major and just two minors, I was still going to be able to graduate a semester early. Since adding my communication and media minor, I won’t be able to graduate a semester early, instead I’ll be graduating with the rest of my classmates. I know many people who came in undeclared and I’ve never heard of anyone having a problem not graduating on time, even if they didn’t come in with extra credits like I did.


Naz makes it easy to graduate on time even if you come in undeclared.


I highly encourage all students to look into all of Naz’s programs and see what we have to offer. There are so many different majors and minors offered here and so many compliment each other. Nazareth is generous about cross-listing courses across disciplines so you often won’t have to take that many more class than you had initially planned; with some clever strategizing with your advisor, anything is possible!


I love the education I am receiving here and although it’s been a long journey, I couldn’t be happier with the decisions I’ve made.

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