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5 Naz Traditions Incoming Freshman NEED to Know About

5 Naz Traditions Incoming Freshman NEED to Know About

At Nazareth, we are lucky to be part of a community that has quite a few traditions. As a senior, I’ve been a part of all five of these events throughout my time here at Naz and I am definitely going to miss them!!

1) Battle of the Beaks Game Every year, the Naz Men’s & Women’s Basketball teams play St. John Fisher College to raise money for Golisano Children’s Hospital. In case you didn’t know, Fisher is our rival school, so these games are a big deal for us! At the games, we also have shoot-out competitions at half-time to win gift cards, food, Naz gear, etc.  Almost everyone on campus attends. It is without a doubt a must-attend Nazareth event!

Battle of the Beaks Men's basketball game vs St. John Fisher. Check presentation, dance team, alumni group, and new Golden Flyer.


2) Midnight Breakfast This spring semester traditional event is a favorite for both faculty and students! One night during finals week, the dining hall will open at midnight to serve breakfast. All of our students gather together to take a break from studying by eating some french toast sticks and singing karaoke. The crowd’s favorite is being served breakfast by Nazareth College’s President, Daan Braveman!!




3) $5 Dollar Ticket Events! Throughout the year, Campus Activities Board (CAB) will pick an event/concert our students can attend for only FIVE dollars. How does it work? They send an email saying what the event is and what day they will be selling tickets. That day, they send an email out to all students of the location on campus where they will be selling tickets. Only a specific amount of students get them, it’s first come first serve, and things can get pretty competitive once the location is announced. Last year, many of our students saw Rihanna!! There are also tickets for Sabres Games, Bills Games, Syracuse Basketball Games, and different concerts/shows etc.

4) Flyer Fridays Every Friday is Flyer Friday on campus! Make sure to wear Naz gear to show your pride.

Opening hockey game and development event at Bill Gray's Iceplex


5) Spring Fest To celebrate the end of a successful academic year, the Campus Activities Board puts together this annual event right on campus. Live music, great food (do I smell food trucks?), amusements, and interactive games make for an awesome event you don’t want to miss!!



When you come to Naz, make sure you keep up our traditions by participating in many of the events we have on campus. Get involved!! GO FLYERS 🙂