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Why I’ll Miss Nazareth College

Why I’ll Miss Nazareth College

In less than two weeks, I will be graduating from Nazareth College. I’ve spent the past four years at this school as a Music Education major and starter on the tennis team. These last two years, I’ve served as a captain of my tennis team and worked as a Student Ambassador for the Admissions Office. I was always really busy with school work and extracurriculars, however, no matter how hectic things got, I never wished away my time at Nazareth. As excited as I am to get out into the real world and start my life as a true professional, I am not excited to leave the school I’ve called home. These past four years of my life have been some of the best yet. I’ll miss all of my time spent at Nazareth, but I’ll especially miss the little things…

I’ll miss seeing different friends every day as I walked from class to class.

One of the best things about Naz is our small school size. It’s always guaranteed you’ll see multiple friends as you walk to your classes. I loved passing friendly faces around campus every single day.


I’ll miss playing a sport for Naz Athletics.

For the past four years, I was one of the starters for Nazareth’s Women’s Tennis Team. Playing a sport at Naz was an experience I’ll forever be grateful for. Not only was I able to play the game I love, I made friends I’ll have for years to come. At Naz, I felt like my tennis team was my small family right on campus. Every year, I knew I could always count on my teammates and coaches for support, and maybe a laugh or two.IMG_0097

I’ll miss the support I had from all of my professors.

During my college career, I had some pretty amazing professors who were always there for me. Not only did they guide and support my academics in their classrooms, but they have always supported me outside the classroom as well. As a student athlete, my professors have always been extra helpful to me and have sometimes come see me play! I owe much of my success at Nazareth to my wonderful professors.

I’ll miss the Music Department.

As a Music Education major, the Music Department at Naz has been my home for these past four years. I found myself as both an accomplished musician and aspiring teacher in the Music Department. Here is where I would spend countless hours practicing and rehearsing for the next big recital or concert. Words cannot express the amount of gratitude and love I have for this department. I hope to return back as an alumni and be witness to more great concerts to come. 


I’ll miss the feeling of being part of a family on campus.

Most of all, I’ll miss the feeling of being on campus every day. Any students at Nazareth will know exactly what I’m talking about. I’ll miss the strong sense of community. Everyone on this campus is super supportive of each other and friendly to one another. Over these past four years, I have met some pretty amazing people (both in my close knit circle of friends and those I’ve met in passing) and one of my favorite aspects of Nazareth is the student body. The people at Nazareth College are what makes the school so great. I have always considered the student body at Naz a family, and I’ll continue to think of them like that even after I graduate.



Nazareth College, I will miss you more than you know! Thank you for the best experience I could ask for. Cheers to the future!!! (and to applying to jobs yay!…)


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