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Intramural Sports and Recreation at Nazareth College

Intramural Sports and Recreation at Nazareth College

I sat down with Intramurals and Club Sports coordinators Rustin McNiff to chat with him about the opportunities for students to get involved with sports on campus no matter what level of involvement they’re looking for! He gave some great insight and tips on how all students can stay active and fit, while also having a lot of fun, AND growing their leadership skills.

1) What is the purpose of Intramurals and Recreation?

The club sports used to be run by athletics, until student activities took it over recently. Our goal is to provide all students with a well-rounded experience in all areas of wellness.

2) What are some of the activities available to students?

Well there are TONS! We have group fitness classes, such as yoga, Zumba, ‘Cardio, Core, and More,’ and barre more than seven times per week on campus. We have open gym times where students can come with their friends and we can set up any sport you can think of. We also have The Nest where students can play games on any of our video game systems, pool tables, or table tennis.


3) How can students develop as leaders, or engage in their life’s work through Intramurals?

We have a lot of student lead activities.  We are a growing program where student initiative can really make things happen. Students have come up with really creative ideas to make intramurals fun. We have an office on campus and a student worker to encourage student input. All of the programs we have here happened because of student involvement. It’s a great addition to a student’s college experience, and they can really make it their own. A Nazareth student also made our new logo and helped with our branding which was a neat way for all of our students to get involved.

4) Are intramural sports competitive or demanding on students?

That’s the great part about intramural sports – you can make them as involved or competitive as you want! It’s all about fun and safety.

5) What would you say to an incoming freshman who played sports in high school, and wants to continue, but doesn’t want the time or commitment involved with joining an NCAA D3 team?

We have ultimate frisbee, crew, basketball, rugby, and ice hockey that are organized team sports that are non-NCAA affiliated but practice together occasionally and compete with other schools close by. We are close to several other colleges so the club teams don’t have to travel very far. Students still get that team sport experience but also get the flexibility. The club basketball team was started by students who tried out for the D3 team but wanted a more relaxed schedule, but also wanted more competitive play than open gyms provided. It’s a great option.

Nazareth Crew Club compete in their first regatta at Genesee Valley Park Crew is the ultimate team sport where students start by rowing in 8-sweep boats (a boat with 8 rowers and a coxswain who guides the team through practices and races).

6) What has been the biggest success as an organization?

We are expanding and offering more programs that students want. New clubs and activities are forming to meet student need. We had a new events, such as the Glow Mile in collaboration with campus safety, extreme dodgeball, and a racquetball tournament just this year. We had 12 teams participate in the intramural league, which tripled from last year. The Nest Game Room has also taken off this year, which is great.