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Playlists For All

Playlists For All

I don’t know about you, but I love playlists. Whenever I’m hanging out with my friends, I almost always become the DJ. I have a playlist for almost any and every occasion and get together. They’re so fun to create and share with friends, and so in honor of upcoming finals week and the holiday season, I’ve made two playlists that you can hopefully listen to!

Studying for Finals: Studying for finals is no one’s favorite thing in the world, but a good playlist or two can make it easier. I’ve compiled a few of my favorite study tunes, along with my friends’ favorite songs into one playlist. This playlist includes some pop, folk, and alternative music. All of them are songs that are pretty laid back so they’re not distracting, but still are upbeat and will keep you focused.

Holiday Party: What is this season without a good holiday playlist? Exactly. I’ve put together a handful of old and new holiday songs that everyone loves. It has a little bit of jazz, some pop, and a lot of classics. You can put this playlist on at a party with friends or family or if you’re just feeling jolly!

Watch out for more playlists throughout the year on the official Nazareth College Spotify account