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Surviving Finals Season 101

Surviving Finals Season 101

Finals: the word every college student hates. We’ve been out of school for almost a week now, but every student had to power through exam week to get here. Finals all seem impossibly long or impossibly cumulative, and we do not like them. They sound scary (and sometimes are), but there are plenty of ways to relieve as much stress as possible and set yourself up for success. Although your first exam week is awhile away, here are a few tips ahead of time that I’ve found work for me and my friends at Naz. 

Absolutely plan time to study. You’re in college for a reason. You obviously have an interest in what you are here to learn about. Don’t be afraid to go spend a few hours in the library to feel like you’re on top of things. Before coming to college, learning how to manage your time is extremely important and becomes a vital tool you’ll use every day, so try it out! School is your job, don’t neglect it.

Make time to relax on your own. It’s good to decompress and chill a little before going to study. During finals, your brain is working overtime to remember tons of details and deadlines. Give your brain a break and take some time to browse social media, watch Netflix, or read a good book for fun. Getting out of the finals mindset can be just as important as studying for them.

Get out of your room. Go with friends to get brunch or to hang out and watch a movie. Keep your brain healthy by exercising your body! Go for a run with someone in your class and then study afterwards. Naz also has great sessions like PJs & Pancakes or Relaxation Night, sponsored by the Health and Counseling Center, where you can go make stress balls, get a massage, and play with therapy animals, to help you destress and reset your mind. Take study breaks often, and don’t forget there are hula hoops in Peckham Hall to use when you just can’t concentrate.

Sleep! If you don’t get enough sleep your body will literally shut down. You could fall asleep anywhere, in class, in the shower, or during your test! Make sure you get at least 7-8 hours. You’ll need it! Who doesn’t like sleeping anyway? Don’t overdo it though, because too much sleep could make you miss your final.Don’t stress too much about finals in the end, it’s just one part of college and of your grade. If you studied and did your best all year, you will be fine. 🙂