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Real Life @ Naz

There’s No Place Like Naz

There’s No Place Like Naz

While walking around campus, you may here things like ‘Naz Family,’ ‘Golden Flyers,’ or ‘My Naz Fam.’ Being such a small school, it’s so easy for this community to feel like home and to feel like you belong with the people around you who support you. I notice this everyday, just by doing everyday tasks. Here are just a few things that explain why Naz has really turned into my home.

  1. Everytime I go to Millie’s outside the library to grab a coffee, I’m always greeted with a smile and they always know exactly what I am going to order. Mind you, I don’t go to Millie’s everyday. At first I was so surprised, because so many people grab a coffee or snack at Millie’s everyday, but they still remember MY order. 
  2. I was walking to my clinic placement, holding my hefty guitar case and as I was walking, a Sodexo worker asked me how my music was going this semester and if I was enjoying it. How cherishable is it that I can walk around campus and have conversations about my life’s work with not only my friends, but also faculty, staff, and dining/facilities workers. It’s a great feeling to know that on our college campus, everyone is cheering for YOU!
  3. I love when our Naz website updates because every time there are new pictures or articles, there is no doubt that I at least know one person. I just went on the Naz website and not only is my amazing tutor featured, but also a fellow music therapy major, and my friend I met on a service trip last year.
  4. Just like family traditions, Naz has heartwarming traditions that always makes me feel at home. During the holiday season, a star is lit up on top of Smyth Hall. For some reason, this alone makes me feel at home. Reunion weekend is also one of my favorite traditions each fall because it has me reflecting on Nazareth’s history and values we were built on. 
  5. There’s nothing like hanging out on your couch at home, either watching Netflix or petting your dog. There are plenty of places on campus where students can lounge out and feel just as comfortable. Each residential hall has lounges with couches and there are couches in the Shults Student Center as well. But also, academic buildings have couches, even in faculty offices. It’s nice to know that I can have bonds with my professors and they don’t mind if I hang out and do work in some of these offices.
  6. Home is typically a safe haven. Because Nazareth fosters a community of acceptance, belonging, and community support, it’s so easy to be comfortable living in a shared space and community. My home away from home lies within the Center for Spirituality  at Naz. I have developed so many close friendships through interfaith events, service trips, retreats, and services.

Nazareth has turned into my second home because of the friends I have made, faculty and staff support I’ve received, and opportunities I’ve been given that have helped me to  grow academically, professionally and socially into person I am today.