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About a Band (or Two)

About a Band (or Two)

Here at Nazareth, we are very fortunate to have the music department that we do. From the professors to the courses to the ensembles, the music department lives to create not only successful musicians, but people. But outside of the music department, Naz has a few student-led bands on campus. Two of these bands are Mac Salad and Walrus Junction. Both bands have roots within the music programs at Naz, but are making their own music and creating their own sound. I talked to these bands to get a look into the makings of their groups. They both have gigs coming up soon, so be sure to check them out if you can!

Walrus Junction is a very well know band on campus, consisting of Ignatius Marino, ‘19 (vocals and keyboard); Zach Mosher,‘18 (drums); Tanner Kartes ,‘19 (vocals and rhythm guitar);  Alex Brophy, ‘18 (bass); and Shane Rogers,‘20 (Lead guitar), all Music Business majors.

Can I get the history of the band?

The first two original members were Ignatius and Tanner, with two other people playing bass and drums. Eventually, the drummer left and asked we asked Zach to play instead, and the lead guitarist left, which allowed Shane to play instead. We’ve always done all or mostly original songs, with Tanner and Ignatius writing all of our songs.

How’d you get the name Walrus Junction?

The former bass player’s friend said that if they ever had a band, they should name it Walrus Junction, and that’s pretty much it.

How has being at Naz and being in Rochester helped you as a band?

Well, Naz brought us all together, considering we’re all music business majors here. Rochester itself also has a lively music scene that we’re very happily involved in.

How would you describe your sound?

We have a mix of genres, folk rock, blues, funk, and everywhere in between. It really helps that we all have different musical backgrounds, because it really makes our sound more diverse.

Finally, any shows coming up?

Yeah, actually. We have a show at Funk N’ Waffles on January 31st at 8pm.


Mac Salad is a fairly young band here at Naz. The band currently consists of members Chris Calabrese, Music Business ‘20(tenor sax and flute) ; Jeremiah Cooper, Music Business ‘21 (vocals, trombone, and keyboard), Jacob Curley, Music Therapy ‘21 (guitar and bass); Marc Gabriel, Political Science ‘20 (alto sax); Noah Martella, Music Education ‘21 (drums); John Carlo Pecheone, Music Business ‘21 (guitar and bass); and Sean Saville, Music Business ‘21 (guitar and keyboard).

Can I get a brief history of your band?

Jeremiah: It was probably the third day of orientation when we had our first jam session, it was in a practice room. We started playing for a little bit, and over the next few weeks the idea of a group was floating around. By the end of September, we were essentially a band.
Sean: I mean, when I got here, I knew I was going to be with John Carlo and Marc, since we all knew each other already, it was just a matter of who else we could throw in the mix. With Noah, we heard him playing in the other room, and we were like, “bring him in here!” and that’s how we got him.
Marc: It’s funny though, because everyone who was in that practice room ended up being in the band. It’s been pretty consistent since then.

How has being at Naz and being in Rochester helped you as a band?

John Carlo: We have a really great studio that the music business students have access to. Being able to jam and record in an actual studio instead of a practice room is nice.
Jeremiah: Rochester has such a great music scene, even if we’re not performing, but being able to go to gigs is great, it’s right at our fingertips. It’s inspiring and we’re exactly where we want to be.
Sean: Plus, our professors are super supportive of us. Mrs. Strelau has made our gigs concert attendance credit, which is a bonus for the music kids. All of us are in jazz ensembles here at Naz too, so having professors like Mr. Brad Batz guiding us during rehearsal, individually, we’re becoming better musicians and we can come together and create better music.
John Carlo: Don’t forget about our guitar professor, Steve Greene, and graduate assistant, Stan Martinelli. Love those men.

How would you describe your sound? Do you have any gigs coming up? 

Jeremiah and Chris: Funk, rock, soul, a little bit of all that.
Marc: It’s just music to dance to.
John Carlo: The reason our sound is so tight is because of Noah Martella. 
Sean: And yeah, we actually do have a show. It’s on February 4th at Funk ‘N Waffles with Circuit Juicebox and Candy Isle. Tickets are $8. We hope to have a sizeable Naz crowd there.

Where do you guys see yourself in the next year?

Marc: No matter what instrument or music group, I just want to be shredding and slapping (the bass). I hope that rhymed.
John Carlo: I see myself as a better guitarist, and I see myself working toward playing more gigs and playing with different groups of people, not just with Mac Salad.
Sean: I see myself getting good at jazz guitar. I’m not really sure where I see the band, but I want to be playing gigs around Rochester and on campus, too. Getting experience, and getting ourselves out there and get acclimated to the city, that’s all I can really hope for.

Finally, do you even like macaroni salad?

Jeremiah: Yeah, I do.
Chris: I don’t think anyone really likes it.
Sean: No. Mac salad is gross.
Noah: Yes, but with garbage plates only.
Marc: Nah man, it’s gross.
John Carlo: Yeah, it’s alright on the weekend. I’d eat it on a Saturday night.




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