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Surviving and Enjoying Winter In Rochester

Surviving and Enjoying Winter In Rochester

A guide on how to survive winter weather may seem a little unnecessary because the basics are pretty obvious: buy a heavy coat, drink something warm, and own a snow brush for your car. However, finding minor details that you love about winter time that just aren’t the same in the summer is important because, if you’re like me, the cold months of winter can be a bit of a downer sometimes. I’ve lived in Rochester my entire life but every year I learn or discover better ways to shift from merely getting through the winter to really enjoying it. I created a short list that I think will help boost your happiness level and help you become willing to embrace the cold of NY.

Find your perfect winter drink. In the spring it may be iced coffee, in the summer a cold glass of lemonade, in the fall a pumpkin spice latte, and what for winter? Something I always look forward to when winter is approaching is hot chocolate. Not just your usual hot chocolate, though. After a long, cold winter day, my go-to drink is hot chocolate in my favorite white mug with some whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and gold sprinkles on top. Can’t you just picture it? If you haven’t already, discover your ideal drink to keep you satisfied this winter. Maybe some hot green tea or chamomile citrus (also one of my favorites). If you can’t come up with any on your own, try visiting some local coffee shops around Rochester and see what special winter drinks they have! There’s plenty of off-campus coffee shops to explore like Glen Edith Coffee Roasters, Joe Bean Roasters, Javas Cafe, and Starry Nites Cafe. Also, there’s a cafe located in the Wilmot Library at Naz, Millie’s, that serves Starbucks. I can guarantee there will be something on the menu to warm up your soul on a cold winter night.

Hang some festive lights.  Winter means holiday season and holiday season means lights. It’s nice to see lights hung up around stores and houses, but when those holiday lights/decor get put away, you might lose some of that festive cheer you get from looking at decorations around town. My suggestion to you is to hang up some lights in your room! I have lights hung along the edges of my ceiling all year but I find them to be prettiest and most enjoyable during the winter time. You can find cheap ones on or at Target. They’re a good way to spruce up your room and bring the holiday season inside with you.

Don’t buy just any winter coat, invest in a good one. Every couple of years, I used to purchase a relatively cheap new winter coat from a random store. I’ve never been a big snow person, so I didn’t care very much about how warm my coat was going to keep me. I didn’t spend a lot of time outside anyway when there was snow. This year I made a change in this aspect of my winter life. I purchased a winter coat puffy enough to keep me comfortable in zero-degree weather. With a coat suitable for the cold chill of Rochester during the winter months, I’m not miserable every time I step outside anymore.

Buy a good book. Winter break has came to a close (what feels like) forever ago and the spring semester is in full swing. That means that books required for courses are be beginning to pile up. If you’re finding yourself feeling stressed, relax your brain a bit by acquiring a good leisure read this semester. Barnes and Noble Bookstore has immense selections of books categorized for every individual. It’s a good escape from the outside world.

Keep your blinds open during the day. The days become shorter in winter because the sun sets before most people even eat dinner or get home from classes or work. This can put a definite damper on your mood if you crave the sun. Everyone needs vitamin D in their life and Rochestarians fall short on this health requirement. I suggest that every day you keep your blinds open as long as you can. Having some natural light shine into the rooms in your house or dorm can brighten your day right from its start. Winter can seem a little gloomy at times but it’s important to have some sun in your life however possible.

It’s important to keep your mind active and your soul satisfied always. If winter weather is something you dread, try these suggestions to lift your mood a little each day. I used to be a winter scrooge, but now, with the puffiest of puffy winter coats, my favorite hot chocolate, a good book, and the comfort of my room, I’m definitely a lot happier and actually enjoying this season.


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