My Life as a Flyer

Real Life @ Naz

Matt B.

Hey everyone! My name is Matthew Brunale and I'm a sophomore social work student here at Nazareth College! I'm from a small town called Brewster about an hour north of NYC. Here on campus, I spend my days learning the ins and outs of how to empower people to reach their fullest potential. In addition, I'm the resident assistant for twenty freshman in Kearney Hall. In my free time, I help the Racquet Ball Club with their finances, as well as attend meetings for Mind Over Matter, a club that focuses on promoting awareness, increasing education, and removing the stigma around mental health. I've enjoyed my first two years here at Naz and I look forward to continuing for the next two!

Reflections on Pride Month

Reflections on Pride Month

Since its inception, Nazareth College has been devoted to protecting its students and celebrating their differences. Compassion, caring, and understanding is woven into the fabric that has formed its campus, and its grounds. From the second you step onto campus,…