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Experience NAZ days are the best!

11 April on Campus Life, Food, Outdoors, Special Events, What makes a flyer

Hello everyone!! The past two Mondays, Nazareth College hosted its Experience Naz days on campus. On March 30th, students made the bus trip to Nazareth and got to spend the...


Tips for Finding the Best PT School for You!!

03 April on Career, Majors & Minors, Math and Science, Pro-Tips for The College Search

Picking a college in general is overwhelming and searching for the best physical therapy department makes things even more complicated. Here are five questions to think about when you're searching...


Hosting Students: The Best Part of My Job!

03 April on Campus Life, Funny, Special Events, What makes a flyer

This Experience Naz weekend, I had the privilege of hosting two prospective students, one from Boston and one from the Albany area. We had a blast! When the girls arrived,...


Where the #&@% Am I?

27 March on Uncategorized

In an effort to target a younger audience, the Landmark Society (my internship site) has begun a campaign called "Where the #&@% Am I?". By placing coasters around the city...