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Music and Culture Trip to Salzburg, Vienna, and Venice!

Music and Culture Trip to Salzburg, Vienna, and Venice!

Louise Ly (senior music therapy major) traveled abroad with a music and culture class through Nazareth along with several other music students. The students were abroad for about three weeks, learning about the culture, visiting many historical sites, listening to amazing live music performances all while getting college credit! I wanted to hear more about this exciting opportunity, so I asked her a few questions about the trip…
So tell me about your trip… where did you travel to?
I traveled to Salzburg and Vienna in Austria and Venice in Italy! The trip was for a music and culture class through the Center for International Education at Nazareth. The class was structured around the cities we visited, so it wasn’t in a traditional classroom environment and the city itself was the textbook. 
Have you ever been abroad before?
Yes! I’ve been to a few other places abroad such as Hong Kong and Guangzhou in China and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. This was the first time I’ve been abroad to any European countries though.


This was part of a Music History course trip…. did you visit any historical music sites? Go to any concerts/plays/operas?

We visited a lot of museums and archives in each of the cities, some museums being the actual homes of famous composers. Because the city itself was used as our “textbook,” we visited the living and birth houses of W.A. Mozart in Salzburg, as well as the homes of Franz Schubert, Ludwig van Beethoven, and even the home of Sigmund Freud who had lived and practiced psychoanalysis in Vienna for a number of years. We attended quite a few concerts, some in beautiful and magnificent cathedrals, while others were in concert halls in the city or in an university. We made a few friends with the students at the Mozarteum in Salzburg and they invited us to attend the Faust opera production by other students at the school.

Since the class also included learning about the culture of the cities, we visited the museums in palaces such as Hellbrunn palace and Schönbrunn palace, homes owned by famous families and monarchies in Austria.

What were your three favorite moments of the trip?


I think my first favorite moment of the trip was in Salzburg, Austria. We attended the Mozart C minor mass at St. Peter’s Cathedral. The church was filled to the brim and we had to sit on the ground. The orchestra was seated above us in the back of the church by the organ. The performance was beautiful and it was amazing to think that the mass was performed in that exact church when Mozart came to visit his father and sister in Salzburg with his wife Constanze.

My second favorite moment was when we went up to one of the Alps! We visited the Untersberg Alp, and it also happened to be my birthday that day! The view was amazing and I had a lot of fun exploring.

My third favorite moment had to be just being in Venice. The city was surrounded by water and sunlight, and it was such an experience being there!


Did you have any delicious food?
There was one night near Heiligenstadt where we went to a traditional Austrian restaurant and ate this meal that consisted of a lot of different types of meat and amazing horseradish. When we were in Italy, we tried so many different pastas, I can’t even count!
And you received college credit for all of this?!
The one thing that I found great about this trip is that it is worth three credits for Nazareth! I felt that I took so much more out of the class than just what we would learn in a single classroom and I hope to someday travel back to Austria and Italy as well as many other countries in Europe.