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Alternative Spiritual Humanists

Alternative Spiritual Humanists

One of the my favorite things about Nazareth is it’s Center for Spirituality. So many different types of spirituality are fostered and practiced right here on campus and it’s amazing to see. CFS hosts different events like Sushi in the Sukkah to Gregorian Chanting in the Chapel, and the best part is that these programs are open to all!


Last semester I got involved with a group called the Alternative Spiritual Humanists, or ASH for short. ASH is a non-theist discussion group devoted to open spiritual dialogue. All humans with all perspectives are welcome to share their spiritual views in an accepting and peaceful environment. Although many of the students that attend these meetings are agnostic, atheist, or not even sure, it’s super awesome to have people that practice traditional faiths as well, as they bring something different to the conversation.


So far this year we’ve done some pretty fun stuff! We began by discussing our spiritual journeys and important people or events in ours lives that has helped shape our view on humanity.

Spiritual Journey.



We’ve also led a meditation session in the chapel.

Guided Meditation.



We’ve screened an awesome documentary called I Am, in which, “filmmaker Tom Shadyac chats with philosophers and spiritual leaders about what ails the world and how to improve it.”

I AM “the shift is about to hit the fan”


During Midterm week, we held a spiritual art therapy centered meeting.

Art Therapy Night.

Art Therapy Night.


Last week one of our super cool leaders led a discussion centered on the concepts of “good” and “evil” with a philosophical twist.


If you want to join us, we’ll be in the Meditation room of GAC at 9:15pm on Wednesdays!

ASHy friends!

ASHy friends!



Hey there! My name is Erin Maloney and I’m a sophomore Art History and Women and Gender Studies double major. On campus, I’m one of the leaders of a spiritual discussion group called ASH, I’m on the Center For Spirituality Council, I’m helping to create a program at Nazareth called the Yoga Empowerment Partnership, and the Rochester Yoga Service Network. I enjoy spending my free time outdoors hiking, kayaking, and exploring. If I haven’t mentioned it enough before, I love yoga too! I’m also a green smoothie and Real Food ambassador. I love to paint, and hang out with my puppy (who actually happens to be 7 years old.) I’ve dreamed of working as a curator in a museum since I was 14, and hope to incorporate themes of women and empowerment through my own art career.