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Making the Most of My College Career

Making the Most of My College Career

As I’m gearing up for the final weeks of my second to last semester, I have reflected on some of the things that helped me throughout my time on campus. After realizing the list could go on for a while, I shortened it to three things to share with you.

1) Connections. Whether it’s friends or professors, connections have definitely helped me while at Naz. Professors are able to share insight on future career opportunities as well as give a good word for you at a company. Last spring, my professor asked me if I was interested in interning with a company as one of her friends worked there and he had asked about me. That was when I said I just had an interview at the other branch and I realized that her friend must’ve been checking to see if my resume and campus life matched up. The connection that my professor and I had definitely helped me have an edge over other candidates because she was able to validate that I was a strong student without even knowing that an internship was on the line.

2) Career Services. I realized halfway through freshman year that I wanted to change my major. I decided to go to Career Services and use some of their techniques to figure out some potential career paths, which led to taking some questionnaires to analyze my interests and skills. Once I got on the right path, I used their mock-interview to prepare for upcoming interviews as well as worked with their staff members to keep both my resume and cover letter clean and valuable. The staff members are great and they want to see you succeed!

3) The Fitness Center. I’ll be honest, I’m already someone who dedicates time to go to the fitness center or go cycling or running along the canal but the gym can be a friend to any student. It’s a great way to relieve stress! There were times where I had to pass a workout to finish an assignment but there have also been times when I went to the gym instead of the library. Going to the gym helped relieve stress by getting my mind off of academics and giving myself personal goals to work on rather than being caught up in assignments. This might sound silly but a workout after a few days of being buried in assignments makes you feel almost like a new person! It renews your mind and amps you up for the next round of college chaos.


Hi! My name is Jenn and I am a senior Marketing major with a minor in Information Technology! When I’m not busy serving as President of the Undergraduate Association (Naz’s student government), I enjoy hanging out with friends, golfing, working out, and finding something to fill up my spare time. As I reminisce about the past few years, I hope to share all of the great memories that have shaped my experience at Naz and have prepared me for a wonderful life after Naz!