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College with the Clintons: Nazareth Takes on CGIU!

College with the Clintons: Nazareth Takes on CGIU!

Hey, everyone! So, in December, I found out I’d been accepted to the Clinton Global Initiative University, a facet of the Clinton Foundation. I was so excited to talk to other students from over 80 countries, along with prolific speakers, about my commitment to action. By this upcoming fall, I will have completed my documentary that is a compilation of interviews with college-age women from various backgrounds talking about body image issues. This past weekend (aka the best start to a spring break ever), seven other Nazareth students and I traveled to the University of Miami, whose students graciously hosted us and 1,000 others, to present our current proposals and work, attend plenary sessions and panels, and meet some of the most amazingly intelligent and brave people. Here are some pictures from the best weekend of my life thus far!


The Naz crew!



Selfie stick attained!




At the plenary sessions!





Women changing the world!





Day of Action!



And finally…me with the man himself!


This was an incredible opportunity, for which I have the Nazareth Center for Civic Engagement to thank!!

Nazareth students have tons of opportunities to get involved in community service like our yoga empowerment program, working with college-aged students with developmental, disabilities alternative spring break trips. 


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