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Loading Up Your Life: How to Successfully Pack For College

Loading Up Your Life: How to Successfully Pack For College

There are mere days left until move in- how excited are you guys?! I’ve seen a lot of questions on the Schools App Naz page about what to bring, what not to bring, etc. And I know it’s not just freshmen who wonder about this. Every year, I try to downsize and only bring the essentials. But what ARE the essentials? Here are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to packing.

1) DON’T pack every article of clothing or every pair of shoes you own. One of the best things about college is that we’re all in the same boat: sometimes, our personal style is put to the side so that we can focus on our studies. Sweatpants and simple tees are pretty much necessary. But don’t forget the fun stuff, too – a fancy outfit or two, shoes that are both comfy and cute, and an equal amount of tanks and jackets because Rochester weather can change in a heartbeat!

2) DO listen to your family when they tell you to bring emergency supplies. Cold medicine, cough drops, band-aids…I can’t tell you how many times freshman year that I wished I’d listened to my mom and stocked up on helpful things for my health!

3) DON’T bring anything TOO big. Although rooms at Naz are awesome and sizable, it’s not practical to bring a flatscreen, a freezer, your own air conditioner, etc. Trust that Naz will take care of you in terms of regulating the temperature and keeping you comfortable. The orientation leaders will help you move in, but if you’re living on the third floor of Kearney, it’s easier just to have a bunch of tubs filled with essential smaller things.

4) DO consult your roommate(s) ahead of time to see what they’re bringing. Sometimes it’s easier (and cheaper) to just consolidate. Going into my senior year, I’ll be living with three of my BFFs, so we send out group texts concerning what supplies we want to buy, and how we want to split the costs of certain things. Decor can be split up too, especially if you’re living in the on-campus apartments. Also, see what you have at home first – I’ve found unused pillows and blankets countless times that look great on the Portka couches!


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